Anxieties Over Heartworm Treatment Medication Scarcity In the US

Recently the serious shortage of the drug named Immiticide has been extensively in the news. This isn’t a drug for the treatment of humans, but the drug made use of for healing of pet dogs who have contracted adult heartworm. This particular shortage wouldn’t be such a serious anxiety for owners if there was in fact a different drug that could be used as an alternative – however the reality is, there’s only one drug for this purpose which has FDA endorsement – and that is Immiticide.

The following is a short slideshow I produced on the subject of Immiticide and its use for heartworm treatment. As you are going to view, it is critical that dogs suffering from mature worms are able to receive this treatment so that they can recover.

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Heartworm Treatment For Dogs

On my own web site, Heartworm Treatment For Dogs, I’ve been sent many messages from dog owners whose dogs have tested positive for heartworm and that need life-saving therapy. One dog owner reported he was required to hold out 2 months until his own dog could have the Immiticide shots for the reason that supplies had to be acquired out of Europe. You can view a copy of the notification from Meriel, the makers for Immiticide which they have provided veterinarians in connection with the recent shortage through this link, letter from Meriel (pdf is available on the FDA website)

This really is a really serious state of affairs and also one which has occurred in the past; hence this is not a new phenomenon and there’s quite a lot of anger and stress amongst dog owners that this situation could have been allowed to arise once again.

Concerned dog owners have their pet dogs placed on the waiting list for therapy, extending the agony associated with what’s already a really traumatic time. Vets have a good protocol designed for maintaining pet dogs throughout this waiting time period and this entails looking after these with drugs normally used for heartworm prevention to help kill off juvenile larvae and also to avoid the situation from becoming worse. However, this will not come with out its risks and there seems to be an absence of data regarding when this present shortage will end and also just what, if anything at all, is being carried out to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Guidance while waiting is to ensure that if your pet dog has tested positive for heartworm that you just be sure your veterinarian monitors his situation meticulously while he is on preventatives and waiting around for therapy using Immiticide once stocks come to be obtainable. You need to additionally prevent your pet taking any energetic exercise while you’re waiting for him to get heartworm therapy.

If your dog is waiting for heartworm remedy and you have also been impacted by this immiticide shortage and need extra information and facts on this subject and everything relevant to heartworm therapy and dog heartworm medicine I highly recommend you use the link to check out my web site.

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