Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking

Learn how to teach your dog to stop barking in this free dog training video. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: Jim Leske is an Animal Behaviorist & Trainer, he has worked as a Zoo keeper, Veterinary Assistant, Riding Instructor, as well as a Behaviorist & trainer. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

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25 thoughts on “Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking

  1. BeantownYid86

    @adob0streak lol dunno why people are giving you thumbs down your comment made me laugh. thumbs up!

  2. gongargongar

    This is going to save me tons of money on what would otherwise be spent on duct tape

  3. dem7714

    thanks my dog wont bark when hes in the house but at night when he goes out he starts barking and wakes up all the nabors whatshould i do

  4. kamikaz67

    How about you show us your methods so we can see how it works instead of just talking about it… Why is expert village so not expert?

  5. hinatagurl626

    GOD, i keep telling my dog to be quiet and no for like an HOUR AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING.. you a bad teacher. ):<

  6. MrAirgunlover

    @speed1ng there is lots of reasons y, my dog keeps barking in the night for attention and at a fucking cat (the cat will not be a prob soon if it keeps my dog barking)

  7. MrAirgunlover

    my dog is a bitch she won’t stop barking iv told her in a stern voice stop barking still barks iv used bitter bite every time she barks still nothing iv smacked her.. WELL then she fucking bite me and i smacked her again so she bite me again i now don’t smack her iv squirted her with water still barks iv played ball for a bit still barks so i shot her….just joking i love my dog more than anything or tho she can be a bitch ill always love her, point is if a dog wants to bark it will

  8. xrossfader

    Sure thing if that person is talking loud at 2am in the morning & keeping everyone in the neighborhood up at night that have to go to work in the morning. Don’t be naive, barking dogs are normal but it’s when they DON’T or CAN’T STFU that makes them a nuisance!

  9. Jensine2000018023

    @hinatagurl626 I think you have to be constant. It took my GSD 3 weeks till he actually got the command keep trying =]

  10. boygoerge456

    you guys seem to be missing the point. YOU need to be the pack leader. in every way. you can’t just come in and be the pack leader when your dog is annoying you. watch more videos, read more information and do not treat your dog as if it a human, remember that dogs are decendents of wolves you need to be the pack leader.

  11. MJ4everLegend

    “iv smacked her.. WELL then she fucking bite me and i smacked her again so she bite me again” that was funny

  12. MJ4everLegend

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    Can’t read?

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