Can A Dog Really Be Bad?

When the owner terms the dog as bad, perhaps they should look at their own behavior. When you are taking a walk down a sidewalk, it is indeed disturbing when a dog grabs at your clean clothes. When your front yard turns into a ready made toilet for your next door neighbor’s dog, it can be equally irritating. These dogs are only as irritating as the children who have not learnt any lessons in life; and you call them bad dogs?

What can you say about pets and kids who belong to homes where the adults are not responsible themselves? Sensible owners take the help of dog trainers who teaches them proper handling methods without breaking the natural spirit. Your vet office or local pet store can put you in touch with trainers who hold classes with pets and their owners but another option is to look for online help with some dog training tips or purchasing a dog training book and get not only help from the book itself but also from the members forum and community. A section of this training is involved with tutoring the owner how to handle his pet.

Trainers have been heard to comment that dogs are easer to train to be obedient than their handlers. Dogs that must be leash trained for walking in public or at the park need practice; this begins around the yard or in a smaller location. Barking is a behavior which is extremely annoying to both owners and neighbors. Remember when they bark, they are trying to communicate, so if you shout or punish on them for this, it will only result in puzzling the poor creature.

So why does a dog bark?
Well, just like a young child or baby, it needs attention, food or something to drink. The noise of a dog barking can alarm the owners of a burglar intrusion so attempting to stop him from doing this may work against you. It is not a good idea having your puppy bark, even during play if you are likely too shout at him when he barks as an adult. Any trainer can teach you skills on how to get the desired conduct from your puppy using the carrot as opposed to the stick.

How do you make your new puppy stop the undesired behavior?
You need to know how to reward your new puppy so they get the correct message and repeat the desired behavior or cease the less desirable traits. There are many behaviors which are part of the breed of the dog so it is important to remember that you can teach your pet to go against these. In case you are particular about teaching your pet some specific behavioral skills, you should choose one from the breed which would provide you with the type of traits you are searching for.

When does a dog become good?
Good dog behavior can be the result of patience, determination and the love you give to the animal.

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