Cat Care : House Train a Cat

Litter boxes work well in bathrooms because they are small spaces that the cat can get familiar with. House train a cat with tips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on pets and cat care. Expert: Diana Korten Contact: Bio: Diana Korten is certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross, and is a member of The National Association of Pet Sitting Professionals and The Cat Writer’s Association. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

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20 thoughts on “Cat Care : House Train a Cat

  1. willowc098

    All we did was set it up in the bathroom,and when we caught them going in the house, we took them to the box and gently took a paw and scratched at the litter with it.The female caught on instantly.Never made a mess again, the male…well..they say that boys are harder to it only took him a couple of days

  2. stainedglasspixie

    I actually had an easier time with my boy cat. The girl was much more finicky.

  3. strawberryvines

    ive had my abandoned kitty 4 about 3 days n she hasnt pooped yet but she finally peed. ive been on the internet trynna learn everthing i can but i just never had a pet b4 besides a fish…so should i be worried bout the poop n she dont really sleep unless i hold her n rub her head..should i be worried bout that also?? plz help!! im just overwhelmed cuz im pregnant also ugh

  4. SDSUjacks101

    my cats poop and pee stink. we then put it in our pourch. i would like to have it in the bathroom to begin the pottie training in the toilet but it smells to bad. i use meow mix food, is there a food that doesn’t make his poop smell as bad?

  5. Seveleniumus

    She’s going places while collecting cat poop, which she carries in her pocket, that’s sick, lol…

  6. AcidEntertainment

    HELP! SOS! =) I took in a kitten approx. a month ago & he refuses to use his litter box regularly. I’m up in arms at this point. I have other pets & this is causing one of them to “match’ the presents the kitten leaves, if you know what I mean. I’ve used several boxes, litter types, and have moved it around (although I’m limited due to the other pets, 2 dogs and another cat). I ‘m at my wits end and want this to work. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Great idea for a video.

  7. AcidEntertainment

    PS, I have put the cat crap in the box, but haven’t taken the cat to physically show it that. I will try that today since I’m sure he’ll crap on the floor again! This cat is a Siamese throwback (looks exactly like a bluepoint), is this breed related? I’m so confused…

  8. kafonte37

    i just took in a kitten dat was abandoned by my neighbors when they moved out and he does good with the Lbox my question is how to stop him from chewing on my cords and pretty much anything he can get a hold of

  9. missemsnitchesss

    most do. well not the day they’re born cuz they can’t see yet but you really don’t need to train them.

  10. smokingajayble

    well on the weekend ( or whenever u hav a full day to dedicate to this) watch the cat carefully and every time it goes for the cords let it chew for a second then give it a beating. one of the most effedctive beating methods is to submerge it in water for 30 or so seconds 3 times in a row, u can also use simpler methods such as smaking but it wont be as effective. now after that day it should listen but if it ever forgets follow up with a beating asap and soon enough it ll catch on

  11. smokingajayble

    acid entertainment, as i told kafonte u can look for alternatives but beatings are going to be hands down the most effective training method for this and any senario. SO every time your cat dosent use the litter box follow up immediately with a moderate beating, and step up to severe if this isnt working. also a good thing to throw into the beat down routine is shoving the cats face in its feces, but this is just a additional punishment and wont replace the main beat down

  12. taniaarthur

    I have never ever needed to train a cat to use the litter box, I just put it there and they go.

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