Cat Care : How to Toilet Train Your Cat

Training a cat to use a human toilet is a process that can take months. Toilet train a cat with tips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on pets and cat care. Expert: Diana Korten Contact: Bio: Diana Korten is certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross, and is a member of The National Association of Pet Sitting Professionals and The Cat Writer’s Association. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

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25 thoughts on “Cat Care : How to Toilet Train Your Cat

  1. smokingajayble

    Now i like to keep my cats in line but this ive never tryed. I think i ll give this a go but in addition to wat u said i think it might be helpful to all viewers if u force your cats face in its feces every time it goes in the wrong spot. I say this because this is how i got my cat to use the litter box although it might have been the beatings too, but i think it was a combo of both.

  2. smokingajayble

    another thing i think would help is to stop fake drowning the cat in the toliet so it isnt scared, that is if u do that like me :). i kno its hilarious but my cat is terrified of the toliet and i hav to beat it down every time just to get it not to scratch me wen bringing it in the washroom

  3. KiwiBanana456

    the cat unclogging the toilet part wasn’t very funny. sorry. but the part of unclogging the toilet after ur cats used it is a pretty good idea.

  4. urmelschaaf

    Probably the effect is, cat uses human toilet, human uses cat toilet. I do not understand why my cat should use my toilet. Thats weired.

  5. JohnAngusFTW

    I dont need to train my cat to go to the toilet they just go out when they need to do that. I live in the uk btw before some american haters are like OMG WHAT IF KITTY GETS EATEN BY A BEAR OMGZ

  6. mattpop60

    wow that is so fucking stupid cat needs to go outside and do there thing cats are not humans retard

  7. Shapeshifterxxx

    my cat has been shitting on the floor for 5 years. urinates in box but craps on floor next to box. its really annoying. i tried everything. dual boxes, bigger boxes, getting him fixed, rubbing his nose in it, hitting him which seems to make it worse but i hate the little bastard.(hes my wifes cat) i would like to throw the persian bastard outside in a horrible snow storm. does anyone have any advise before i kill it and bury it and tell my wife it ran outside?? pls

  8. mawadg

    i dont care where she poops, all i do is WHERE SHE PUKE! she puke like everytime she finish food

  9. minnieclips

    I will keep the littre boxes for my cats. I only have one bathroom in my place so I do not want to wait for the bathroom. they already sleep in the sink.

  10. vvalez83

    @Shapeshifterxxx WOW you poor poor man. I have to say I sympathize for you more than your wife and I have 3 cats LOL

  11. kermitthefuzzyfrog

    @mawadg You may wanna get your cat checked out, that is usually a sign that something is wrong.

  12. dzly

    How did you do to make him up on top of the toilet? How did u do the transition? Thank you for your help!

  13. CoolSeaMonkeys

    Got an idea why dont someone crouch on the toilet like an cat and show ur cat the shit dropping out of ur ass XD he’ll get the idea

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