Cat Care: Introducing a New Kitten to Your Other Pets http Bringing a new kitten home can be stressful for your existing pets as well as for your new kitten. With proper introductions, you can get your kitten and existing pets off on the right foot. The Kitten Connection features Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist and Purina Cat Chow Mentor Dr. Karen Sueda. Learn more about pets on The Purina Network and (v/o) The Kitten Connection featuring Dr. Karen Sueda brought to you by Purina Kitten Chow. (Karen) Hi! Im veterinarian and Purina Cat Chow Mentor Doctor Karen Sueda. Bringing a kitten home is a fantastic adventure for everyone, but it can be a little stressful on existing pets and your new kitten. With careful, controlled introductions, we can get your kitten and your existing pets off on the right foot. If you already have an existing cat or dog, theyll probably exhibit a combination of curiosity and defensiveness toward the new kitten. Dont worry. This is a normal reaction to the strange new playmate youve just brought home. At first, make your introductions through a closed door. Sounds funny, but theyre getting to know each other through smell and sound. This helps your new kitten to adjust without becoming overwhelmed, and helps the other pets begin to process theres a new addition. Once theyve had a little time to sniff each other out, you can begin to make the introductions carefully and with supervision. Have a few kibbles on hand to reinforce

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6 thoughts on “Cat Care: Introducing a New Kitten to Your Other Pets

  1. socialjulio

    Good tip to introduce my dog Chewy to a new kitten behind a closed door first. Clever. ~ Full disclosure on two points: 1) our parent company is working with Purina, and 2) I’m not sure how long it would take Chewy to play nice with a kitten… may need more than one door ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Spr4ynPr4y

    I’m getting prepared to introduce a newborn kitten to two crazy, overprotective jack russels. This video was very helpful, thank you!

  3. DontKickmySocks

    I want a cat……. my dad is allergic……… my grandparents on the other hand! are not they have had a cat before but now they have 2 big dogs…… my grandma’s friend *who lives right next door* has a cat do you think that it’s a good idea to barrow the cat for like 10 minutes or more and bring it over to my grandparents house just to see how the dogs react? and if they react badly just work with them gradually? do you think that is a good idea? and besides my grandma said that she wanted

  4. DontKickmySocks

    a cat anyway but she also said that she dosnt’ know how the dogs would react they have a huge sliding glass door so if things go bad we could put the dogs behind the door and let them calm down and look just look at the cat and then bring them out on a leash! I think that is a good Idea!

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