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Support A Great Institution for Pets- University of Illinois

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Image by Jeffrey Keefer via Flickr

Can’t seem to keep those reindeer antlers on Fluffy and Fido long enough to snap a photo for your holiday card? Now, thanks to the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, you can create a free holiday e-card featuring your pet’s photo. Just upload, add your choice of holiday accessories and you’re ready to e-mail, tweet or post to Facebook.

Help keep your animal companions safe and healthy this holiday season by checking out their Pet Columns for tips on winter safety and avoiding hazardous substances. Or become a fan of the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get regular animal health & wellness updates. The University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides specialty, general, and 24/7 emergency care for all species. Their mission is to provide the best care for your animal while educating the veterinarians of tomorrow and developing treatment approaches and advancing science to promote animal health. They also publish web pet columns providing information to you the petowner and have a podcast Illini Pet Pod

As one of the world’s leading public universities, their work depends on the support of the people they serve through education, innovation, and research. Help them now by giving
so they can continue the important work they do for you and your new pets.

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Training Your African Grey Parrot

One of the most beautiful and among the easier species of parrot to keep is the African Grey Parrot. Originating from central Africa, they are highly intelligent and known for their exceptional talking and cognitive ability. African Greys are capable of developing a large vocabulary and may be able to communicate well with their owners.

The African Grey Parrot comes in mainly 2 subspecies. The main difference between the Congo and Timneh subspecies is their size and color. Normally both the Congo and Timneh African Grey parrots are considered to be medium in size. The Timneh Gray Parrot is known to be smaller in size, but fuller in feather thickness. Their body feather color ranges from medium to an almost dark charcoal gray, and their tail feathers are usually dark maroon red. The Congo Grey Parrot is usually larger in length and heavier in weight, but with thinner feathers. Lighter gray feathers and a bright red tail, further differentiate the Congo from the Timneh. And the final main difference between the two subspecies is the color of their beak, also known as the mandible. The top of the Timneh Gray Parrot’s mandible is a bone or cream color, while the Congo Gray Parrot’s mandible is almost all black.

When considering the purchase of an African Grey Parrot as a pet, it is important to be aware of its background. Knowing whether it comes from the wild or comes from a breeder is essential. The African Grey Parrot will be easier to train and handle if purchased from a reputable breeder that has integrated hand feeding or hand rearing. Hand rearing is the feeding the baby African Grey Parrot from birth to 10-12 weeks of age while handling them. This will ensure that the African Grey bonds with their human owners and are completely tame. This will give the parrot an easy start to mimic and speech training.

These parrots also need an owner who can make a long term commitment to them. African Greys have a long lifespan and can live up to 60 years. Because of their high intelligence, African Greys require an owner that is experienced and who can understand their needs. They can easily become bored so, a stimulating and interactive environment is a must. Without their intellectual needs met African Greys might turn their boredom into behavioral problems like feather picking. Since they are such sensitive birds they can also behavioral problems. It’s possible that even a small change in their daily routine or in their surroundings can lead an African Grey parrot to become cranky or show signs of self mutilation. Although they are typically well behaved and a great pet these birds do not come without a few challenges. African Greys that are undisciplined can get into trouble. They might chew wires or bite. They pick up behaviors very quickly so if you inadvertently reinforce bad habits in your African Grey, you can also easily teach them good ones.

African Grey parrots are full of personality and human like qualities. Those who are lucky enough to own one are able to see intelligence not equaled in many other animals.

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It’s a Bird It’s a Plane : No It’s Superdog

Halloween is a good time for the little ones and the hobgoblins and jack-o-lanterns. Biut it might not be the best night for your pets to be out. For their safety and yours you should give your pets a night in. This good looking Labrador below is already in for his halloween party.

He is going to party at home this Halloween

He is going to party at home this Halloween

Because of all the commotion cats and dogs would enjoy their night in and the trick or treaters can enjoy theirs out for a bit of role reversal.

Puppy Pictures – A Collection of Good Memories of Your Dog

Photos are made to last forever, this is a good way of reminiscing your happy moments. It preserves your memory seeing pictures of a special occasions that keep us remember someone we love and special to us.

Chow time for Puppies and Kittens- Fit or Fat ?

Kittens and puppies are almost like little babies in certain ways.  They can get cold easy and they can get very sick without any notice.  They will require meals often and at different times of the day. They are going to rely on the adults that are taking care of them for everything that they may need.  The caregiver of a kitten or puppy is going to have to know what to do in order to give the animal the right type of care for good nutrition.  
Puppies or kittens will go home with someone when they are about eight weeks old.  This is where you have to be concerned with their well being.  You need to make sure that you are choosing all the right things for your new pet.  
You have to find the right type of food that will offer the best nutrition and also give them love and care that they are expecting from you.  Choosing the right type of puppy or kitten food is something that you have to take your time with.  You may want to consult a veterinarian to find out what type of food is going to work best for your animal.
Having a good growth formula for puppies is very important so that they can grow into healthy dogs.  There are so many great new ideas behind a lot of the food on the market today.  Smaller breeds are going to be feed differently from the larger breeds that are out there.  The difference is going to lay with the fat and the calorie intake of the animals.  You want a good formula that is going to give your animal the right type of energy that they are looking for.  
You need to keep your puppy in lean condition so that they can stay healthier throughout their lives.  You may want to read up on how you can keep your puppy healthier throughout their life with the nutrition that you are giving it now.  Take the time to learn as much as you can so that they will have the opportunity to live with you for a long time.  
Kittens have to be fed the right type of formula as well. They need to have food that is going to give them the nutrients and the minerals that their body needs.  Cells are going to respond better when they have the right type of formula in their body.  Keeping healthy cells is going to be important when it comes to making the body healthier and giving the kitten the ability to grow strong. 
Animals need to have their protein along with lots of water.  Fresh meats are wonderful but they will be filled with water.  When the food is cooked, the water is going to be taken out and there will not be as much fresh meat left behind.  This is why dry protein meals are going to be crucial in giving enough protein levels to your new pet.  
There are safe and effective preserved foods that are pets can eat these days. They are going to have good ingredients that offer nutrition to the animal.  Many of the kitten and puppy foods that are on the market today will include grains, fruits and vegetables.  These ingredients are going to help promote a healthier metabolism and good sources of vitamins and minerals for their intake.  
The main goal of keeping our kittens and puppies filled with good nutrition is to keep them happy and healthy for a long time so that we can enjoy them for a lifetime.