Cats Are Popular, Popular Are Cats

There are many million animals in our world. Some of them are cats, dogs, birds, pigs, horses plus many, many more. Actually, there are just too many of them to include here. Every animals are popular in their own way. Many animals are being used as a cartoon character. Some animals also have some religious relevance to some religions. There are also famous animal stars such as “Lassie” and “Orangey”.


In here we will talk about cats and their popularity to people.


Cats, or felis catus, is a mammal that is domesticated and are valued for the companionship that they give. They are also valued for their ability to hunt many household pests due to their adaptability, rapid breeding rate, and predatory instincts which makes them very effective hunters. Cats, which can be found almost everywhere on earth, is currently the most popular pet in the world. Cats and humans have been associated for at approximately 9,500 years.


Because of todays mass media advancements, cats are very popular. There are also cats that can act on TV and films. There is also the musical “Cats” that is later adapted to television. Lastly, there are many cat characters, mostly on cartoon shows. Who hasn’t heard of Garfield? Or maybe the Puss in Boots? Or even Meowth, Persian, Skitty, Delicatty, Glameow, and Purugly of the famous Pokemon? This great number of cat characters is a testament to their popularity now. I even see many kids during Halloweens that are dressed as cat cartoon characters. I often see during the Halloween children dressed as Garfield or wearing a Puss in Boots Costume. To make their Garfield, Meowth, or Puss in Boots Costume more convincing, they will “meow” while talking to you, which I find very cute.


However, cats also have some rivals in their rise in popularity. Who else? Dogs! These dogs or canines are also popular nowadays. What the cats have in terms of popularity, it is sure that the dogs also have whatever it is. Some dog lovers also say that cats are not as popular as dogs. But many people likes cats better than dogs. Maybe the reason for this is that cats are naturally cute and gentle, unlike some, but not all, dogs. But lets just let the dog lovers to their opinions. Remember, everyone is entitled into his or her own opinion.


Especially over the mass media, the popularity of cats are continuously growing each day. Many individuals are starting to like them because of their natural charm and cuteness. You got to hand it to cats! They are one of the most popular animals in the planet, if not the most. Doesn’t that make you cat lovers happy?

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