Dog food industry the real truth Save your Pet

“ think about it, your dog is dying because of you, you are killing your dog, but you ask why, the food is the answer of your question. For more information “ dog health dogs bernese mountain dog dog clothes dog training dog supplies dog products pomeranian…

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23 thoughts on “Dog food industry the real truth Save your Pet

  1. yellowscisors

    Thank you for this video. My dog is on a raw prey model diet now. It has improved her health like crazy. No more scratching, no more ear infections and she has a shiny soft coat.

  2. rwu19290

    thanks for this video. It is the only one without someone telling me to buy their brand of dog food.

  3. leaderOFlosers

    My dog is extremely stubborn, he just wont eat dog food… so for the past 4-5 months he’s been on a home diet, but its getting to be a pain paying for his food.
    I was told about Evanger’s Dog&Cat food… Its supposed to be very good, im just hoping my dog goes for it.

  4. emrebozkurt800

    I guess u should stop feeding him with onions. It’s harmful for dogs. I am feeding my dogs with natural foods too. But just for your and your pets convenience, pls search the foods that you shouldn’t give to your pets. eggplant is another one.

  5. asjabluedog

    I am a chef and have a blue cattle dog she of course gets lots of treats from work but otherwise I make her food. I do not understand why people give their pets pre bought food especially canned food but I guess some people are either lazy or uneducated.

  6. asjabluedog

    I actually knew somebody who worked at a canned pet food factory and they had to try it, no joke. They were of course paid very well. Note the more decent pet food came from Australia.

  7. ultum4tegunz

    i coudlnt convinve my parents to feed our dogs raw.. meat….
    so they will suffer….. poor dogs =((
    huskys r awsome…. too

  8. boxofsarpobjects1

    I have two cattle dogs and before I was educated about pet food my red heeler had non stop itching to the point were he had to wear a shirt to keep him from scratching himself raw. I will never feed my dogs processed dog food again. they eat raw meat, veggies, oatmeal, fruit, and greens. they are very happy and healthy.

  9. boxofsarpobjects1

    stay clear from “dog food” unless you want to pay for surgery to remove tumors and cancer. The cheapest way is to use rice as a base then add meat, veggies, fruit or whatever leftovers you have. stay clear from onions, nuts, grapes, raisins and a tiny bit of garlic will help keep the fleas away.

  10. lsdeedee

    I stopped feeding my dogs commercial dog food about three years ago when the contaminated gluten from china was killing dogs and cats. I make a batch of food every 3-4 days and keep it in the fridge. Its a little extra work, and a little more money, but well worth it that my dogs are happy and healthy.

  11. flagwaver1969

    My Australian Cattle Dog ate Primal Pet Food formula mixed with a bit of Sojourner’s oats the last 7 years of his life. He made it to 17. I often wonder whether he could have avoided cancer if I’d had him on that diet from puppyhood. I sure miss him.

  12. Trinitya00

    @weatherboi Gravy train is like fast food for dogs…the animal fat is preserved with chemicals,artificial coloring, and too many fillers(i.e Corn,soybean meal… try going with high protein, high fat dog food. i.e natural balance as the first two ingredients are chicken…

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