Dog Health Treatment & Advice : Removing a Tick From a Pet

Removing a tick from a pet requires grabbing the tick by the head, using fingers or tweezers, and pulling it out firmly, careful not to separate the body from the head. Treat a pet with flea and tick prevention, as ticks can spread to humans, withhealth information from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: Dr. Aimee Beger Bio: Dr. Aimee Beger works for McClintock Animal Care Center in Tempe, Ariz. Filmmaker: Ryan Quinn

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9 thoughts on “Dog Health Treatment & Advice : Removing a Tick From a Pet

  1. runescapedood56

    ok thankyou my dog had a tick and i removed it it was scary im 11. and when i was done was it correct to put it in a jar and dispose of it?

  2. SteelCorpse

    No you have to snap the head of fwith tweasers or you have to burn it or throw it in the toilet and flush it

  3. Killedyourkitten

    it doesnt matter cause that dog is not a real dog and you need to kill it!!

    look at it the little shit couldnt even shut the fuck up for a couple of seconds…cause it know how much it needs to be eaten!!

  4. nyc334

    i removed 1 from the tip of my penis i had to be held down and i was screaming help me. i hope that bastard dies painfully. 🙂

  5. roastedbonbon

    I squeeze the tick to its death 😀 and then flick it off to the neighbors yard 🙂 lol

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