Dog Training Tutor Course We’ll help you turn your dog into a gentleman or lady in no time. With years of training under our belts we’ll solve your toughest dog problems and turn you into a “dog whisperer” in no time! Some of the topics covered in the My Dog Tutor Course: Training early on: * Four vital decisions to make before you even get a dog. (pages 8-12) * 6 dog characteristics to help you choose the right breed for you. Which temperaments describe which dog breeds and which dog breeds are best known for what. * 12 items that you must remove from your home when you have a puppy around. (page 36) * Picking the right toys for your dog so that he’ll stay away from your furniture and at the same time won’t get hurt him playing with them. (pages 47-49) * Top 5 Dog Trainer Secrets. What works, what doesn’t. Which critical mistakes to avoid. (pages 50-53) * 10 steps to specific steps on to housebreaking your dog. (pages 38-41) Dog basics : * The 6 most basic, most fundamental commands that every dog has to know and specific steps on how to teach them. (pages 61-63) * How to use your body language, facial expressions, and vocals to “talk” in a manner that your dog understands. (page 79) * How to “read” your dog based on his body language. Is he anxious, playful, angry? Learn to read your dog in between the lines based on what his tail, ears, feet, head, eyebrows, eyes, and mouth do. (pages 79-86) * Proven ways to stop your dog from biting or nipping. Learn why he does it and how to correct

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