Ensuring Your New Puppy Grows Into A Sociable Dog

Taking responsibility of a puppy is both a fun and exciting time. They are a little bundle of energy that can bring much delight and amusement to their owners. Of course, looking after a puppy isn’t all fun and games and there is a more serious side. Any owner must take serious their responsibility and do all that they can to make certain that the puppy grows into an obedient dog. An important area of dog health that must be considered is making sure that your pet is sociable when around humans and other dogs.

Contact With Dogs

Taking your new pet to puppy classes is a good idea once it has had all the relevant jabs. Here your new furry friend will have the opportunity to mix with other puppies. The benefit of getting your puppy to socialise whilst still young is that it will be playful. This means that there initial memories of being around other dogs will be good ones, which will hopefully remain with them. Also, if they do have a disagreement with another dog, the fact that they are only puppies means that there shouldn’t be any serious injuries. You as an owner should also take the opportunity to learn about dog health issues from those attending the puppy classes.

Meeting People

Becoming comfortable with humans is equally as important as it is with dogs. Once your dog has had a few nights to settle into your home, invite a few friends or family members round to meet him or her. Being in an environment where they feel comfortable will mean that they feel secure when meeting these people for the first time. It is a good idea not to get too hyper at the beginning of the meeting and allow some time for the puppy to become familiar with the visitors. Getting them to play a little fetch with the puppy is usually a good introduction. Once your puppy has met a few people in your house you can then take it to visit others houses and take it out for some walks.

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