Homeward Bound II (2): Lost in San Francisco – Where Are You

Last of Disney’s Incredible Journey trilogy. All of the Incredible Journey films have amazing animal work in them and this one in particular brings a diverse pack of dogs to the screen with incredible training. Besides the golden retriever and American bulldog, there is a kuvasz, boxer, bullmastiff, bluetick coonhound, Podengo Portugueso medio (the same breed that’s in Soccer Dog and Zeus and Roxanne), Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, and others, as well as many mixed breeds. Again, I’ve had a few people ask me about doing different Homeward Bound vids and I’m putting up three, one music video for each of the films, to celebrate 100 subscribers. Hope you all enjoy them! Song is; Where Are You Going, by Dave Matthews Band I do not own any rights to Disney or to this song. This is a purely fan-made video, not for profit and with no rights implied.

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25 thoughts on “Homeward Bound II (2): Lost in San Francisco – Where Are You

  1. Attilaakiraly

    this film is a masterpiece…. Aaaah yes a time when Disney still had mind

  2. buffypii

    hey does anyone know where I can get the 2nd movie off the net? I found the first one..still searching up the 2nd movie

  3. buffypii

    hey, I just read the description.. were there three Incredible Journey movies? I only know about two…

  4. sassyc93

    the first incredible journey movie was filmed in 1930 something I think it was 1932, the animals were different and didn’t talk, the one with Shadow Chance and Sassy is a remake of that one and than theres the sequel Lost in San Francisco, so yeah that’s three (Well the ones I know of anyway) Will someone upload the 2nd movie Lost in SF, I’ve seen the other one dozens of times, ot was on disney like three times a day for over a week and now I want to see this one

  5. sassyc93

    okay I was wrong the first one was filmed in 1963, the second in 1993 and the third and final one in 1996

  6. chavin7289

    i was just wounderin has any1 else got any of the american bulldog pups from the homeward bound dad or grandad lol if so get to me and send me a pic lol

  7. VampirexLament

    The Incredible Journey featured Luath, a yellow lab; Bodger, a bull terrier; and Tao, a siamese. In it, Bodger is the old one and Luath is the young one. All three are males. And Tao hates other cats, lol. And Bodger hates all cats except Tao.

  8. Wish2KISS96

    Omg the dog ( american bulldog) Chance… is my dog’s grandfather, his name is Boss and looks idendenicle.

  9. MrSmokinitup


    funny how they portrayed the labrador as the bravest

    u know the ambull would kick a labradors ass

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