How do you train a 6 month year old kitten to use the litterbox?

What are the best stradegies? I have tried sitting her in it, but does not work.When can you tell that they are ready to use the litterbox? What do you do to train them?

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One thought on “How do you train a 6 month year old kitten to use the litterbox?

  1. tåkë cárê õf mÿ cât

    Don’t you worry at all. Kittens comes pre-programmed with the know how on using the litter box. All you have to do is show it to them, encourage them to use it and praise them when they did a good job.

    To begin, make sure you purchase a litterbox that is suitable for your small kittens. Make sure the sides are low enough so they can easily climb in and out of the box.

    I know kittens are active and they run around loose. So, if possible, during litter trainning time, try to confine them to only a few areas of the house. This way, you will be able to properly locate your litterbox and teach the kittens how to use them.

    Place them in the litterbox after each mealtime, playtime, naptime. You have to be very consistent. Place them into the box and gently guide their litter paws to scratch the litter. Depending on the kittens, their reaction could be totally different. Some will run away as fast as he could, some will sit and play, flicking litter everywhere, some will even lay down and take a nap! Don’t worry about that, those are all very normal. Sooner or later, they will get the idea.

    Also, you need to be their pee/poop patrol guard. 🙂 Be on the look out. Whenever you see the signs of going to pee/poop, act immediately. Take the kitten away from whichever spot he’s at and place him into his litter box. It can really get messy at times but during their trainning period, you have to get down and dirty with them.

    You have to clean up urine spot as soon as the area is soiled. Kittens may use the spot again if they can smell it. You can use a variety of cleaners for this job and my favorite is Nature’s Miracle. You can get this easily in any pet store.

    Actually, this may seem long but it’s nothing much to it. Once you show them the litter box location and let them explore it, they will gradually learn to use it. So, good luck to you and thanks for taking care of the kittens!

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