How to House Train a Puppy : Consistency & Positive Reinforcement in Housebreaking your Puppy

When housebreaking a dog consistency and positive reinforcement are important.Find out why in this free online video series. Expert: Tracy Tenner Contact: Bio: Tracy Tenner has been training dogs for over 25 years. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

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6 thoughts on “How to House Train a Puppy : Consistency & Positive Reinforcement in Housebreaking your Puppy


    I never thought of the treats that way. good advise. Thanks. I’m getting a dog or puppy soon.

  2. chickenbro5

    by saying “they live in the momemt” do you mean “they aint know what they did yesterday”

    or like they can not remember?

  3. cloudXXLV

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  4. BckGoz

    oh come on all expert village’s advice is bull shit! they don’t know any thing at all I know more then they do and I’m 12 here’s how I whould house break my dogs leave them in the carate even when you can’t wacth them! let them out every hour leave the food down for 20 min then give them water leave the water down for 5 or 10 min then pick it back up go out side with them or they will get discrated! and not ‘go’ no dog treats in between meals! and if you want to take your dog out for walks!

  5. Kylebagdarrell

    My puppy refuses to eliminate when I carry her to her designated toilet, but when I allow her to walk around, she’ll pee. How can I stop this? And I usually will stay with her and wait till she show signs of eliminating before carrying her to her toilet.

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