Is a Wireless Dog Fence Worthwhile?

In case your area won’t allow you to set up a secure dog fence, or you just don’t prefer to build a thing that will impede the view of your house, a wireless dog fence could be the ideal option for you. Also known as an invisible dog fence, it can aid you train your pet to remain in the boundaries you placed for him by making him uncomfortable as he efforts to go over the given area.

A wireless dog fence works in a technical way named static simulation training. You identify the boundaries by setting up the wire underground. When the wire is set up, you will get your pet use a specific collar which will produce a tone and a light static stun to him each time he efforts to go beyond the boundaries. The soft shock may be equated with the sort of shock you have when you wipe your socks on the carpet and then have something metallic. The shock is considered gentle and normally not hazardous. Even so, different dogs react to the static electricity in different ways.

First of all, your dog may associate the shock to a person or another pet outside the area. He may think that it is the particular person or animal his carelessness and he may react towards them harshly. Another probable scenario is your dog his ability to tolerate ache may be too low that he may establish a type of phobia. Dreading to experience another shock, he may not leave the house or the veranda at all. And even when you have already taken out the collar from him, he may still refuse to break the area. This is a big problem particularly if you need to spend playtime with your dog around the block or desire to tag him along on a quick trip.

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On the other hand, some dogs may have substantial pain tolerance that they can simply ignore the shocks they get from the collar. They can just go running beyond the restrictions without being afflicted with the static shocks and you would be left with 2 problems: finding a missing dog and losing a lot of funds for a worthless fence.

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