Learn How To Choose The Perfect Dogtra Electric Dog Training Collar

In order to train your hunting dog to obey you then you are interested in a product that’s trustworthy, safe and easy to use go to http://www.gundogsonline.com/dog-training-collars/dogtra. These types of goods are available through Dogtra who offers items that are simple to work with, and cost effective as well. Dogtra finds a way to provide electronic dog training collars that are suitable for hunting dogs, pets and service dogs and all of them are economical to work with.

The Dogtra brand is viewed as one of the leading lines of dog training collars – they’re maybe most commonly known for finding a method to produce items that are resilient, have plenty of features and are waterproof as well. Dogtra Obedience and Service K9 Series products have all the options that hunting dog owners need to assist them with the training of their dogs no matter the type of hunting dog you are training.

One of the exceptional features of the Dogtra electronic dog training collars is their low profile, which allows you to place the collar on your hunting dog preventing others from identifying them as a shock collar. In addition to their waterproof receivers, these collars are especially suitable for small and mid-sized dogs. The Dogtra electronic dog training collars are the collar of choice for training service dogs along with family pets.

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Yet another outstanding feature that lots of consumers value is the ‘nick’ function on the Dogtra electronic dog training collars. The nick feature allows electronic correction for just a short fraction of time which means that your hunting dog gets the message with as little stimulation as possible. For people who discover that they want more stimulation to train their hunting dog the Dogtra collars also provide a constant correction feature in addition to the power to change the power of the correction as required. Dogtra offers an exclusive pager function that isn’t found on any other system that lets you correct your dog’s behavior without using any electronic stimulation as well. Dogtra has taken under consideration that trainers sometimes want to apply various corrections depending on the individual dog’s behavior. The Dogtra collars makes it possible for this flexibility in training which can provide you with more effect in your training.

Click here should you are searching for the greatest possible value and all of the options, you need to train your hunting dog you will want to check out the Dogtra 200NCP Gold, which offers not just the best possible value but additionally all of the features you need to train your hunting dog. The Dogtra 200NCP Gold offers the following features:

• Collar extends as much as 18”

• NI-MH Batteries included (long life)

• Operating range up to ½ mile

• Light weight receiver

• Light weight transmitter

• 2 year warranty

• Optional car charger

• Available dummy collar

• Manuals in print and electronic formats

Whether you’ve got a pet, a show, working or gun dog, Dogtra has thought of everything that you might need to correctly train your hunting dog!

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