Pet Nail Clipping Made Easy

A good pair of nail clippers for pet, including cat, puppy, small dog and rabbit, must be easy to cleanse, just to ensure your pet’s health and great hygiene. They have to be in a comfy size and shape for your hand.

They should also be easy to use, durable, and safe. They normally have stainless steel blades and handles that are suitable for your hand.

You can select from three main types of pet nail trimmers: guillotine design, scissor design, and human nail trimmers.

We find the scissor design trimmer particularly easy to manage and effective. They look similar to the normal scissors you make use of at home. An apparent difference is that the blades of the pet trimmer have semi-circular indentations. When you open the blades, you can place the nail through the circular opening. Once the nail is in position, you close the handles and the nail is trimmed. This type of clippers is more powerful than the guillotine type, and do not need the blades to be replaced.

They are much better than the human nail trimmers when using on animals. Regular nail clippers can be challenging to manage, as claws of animals are not human nails. They can be particularly tough when they expand big and thick.

Long nails break quickly, triggering discomfort to your charming pet. Leaving the overgrowth unchecked, it can cause walking difficulty, discomfort and even arthritis. Find out how to cut the nails so that you don’t need to depend on expert groomers all the time. With these clippers, you can quickly perform the job of nail trimming. No longer a battle with your cat or little pet animal!

Sharp, Sturdy, Handy

The Ebelyn nail clippers for cats and little animals are made from outstanding stainless steel blades enabling accurate, quick and clean cut. The scissors-like design makes trimming easy to do. Cleaning is simple.

The semi-circular indentations at the tip of the blades enable you to see the part of nails that you are cutting, making the process of trimming more secure.

Take safety measures to avoid cutting the quick of the nails. Trim too little rather than too much. Watch the videos on on ways to determine the quick. In case you unknowingly do it leading to bleeding, don’t panic! You can quell the bleeding by making use of a little amount of styptic powder, cooking flour or soap onto the end of the nail.

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