Pet Nail Trimmer for Large & Medium Breeds

Cutting your dog’s nails is not just to make your dog neat; it is also for the sake of much better foot health and avoiding unpleasant injuries.

When you have got your dog nail clippers, you can begin the clipping task. When you are cutting the nails, the first thing you should do is to see to it that he is relaxed. Prepare him well particularly he is new to nail cut. Feel his paws and speak with him delicately. Get him to take a seat and keep him calm.

Get him a treat offered only for nail cut. Even when you are mindful with the clipping, chances are that you may still harm him unwittingly. Have some styptic powder or corn starch ready just in case.

If your dog is nervous, stop the clipping for a while. Get him to relax. You have to gain his trust. Patiently lead him to accept exactly what has to be done. Hold his foot from the ankle up, and put it in your palm. Let your hand face in the exact same direction of the paw, away from the dog. Wrap the fingers delicately under the pads.

Take a look at your dog’s nails. If his nail is white and clear, you should be able to see the ‘quick’ that looks like a tiny tube inside the nail center. If the nails are black, you should be very mindful, as you will not be able to see the ‘quick’.

Proceed with the clipping with care. Put the blades of the clipper firmly to the part of the nail that you are cutting. It is much better to cut less than too much. Bring the cutter gradually to the point where you prepare to cut, then do the clipping decisively. Your dog may pull away a little by impulse. Reassure him and offer him the treat he likes. He will quickly take the cue, and you will get the nails cut smoothly.

Pet Nail Made Easy
Long nails break easily, causing discomfort to your beautiful pet. Leaving them uncontrolled, they can trigger walking problem, discomfort and soreness as well as arthritis to the dog.

Moreover, dog’s nails grow fast. Find out how to cut them save you the problem of needing to go to professional groomers all the time. With these clippers, you can easily carry out the task of nail cutting. Not a struggle with your pet!

Sharp, Sturdy, Handy

The Ebelyn nail clippers for Dogs are made of excellent stainless steel blades making it possible for precise and quick cut. They are simple to use, and are uncomplicated to cleanse.

The handle allows much better excellent control of clipping. The semi-circular indentations of the blades enable you to see the portion of nails that you are cutting. They all make the procedure of nail cutting safer.

Take precautions to stay clear of cutting the quick of the nails. Cut less instead of too much. Watch the videos on on methods to identify the quick. in case you unknowingly do it leading to blood loss, don’t panic! You can quell the blood loss using {a small amount of styptic powder, kitchen flour or soap onto the end of the nail.

Use the lock at the end of the handle to lock the clippers when they are not in use. It assists to ensure security during storage and movement.

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