Sam VS Emma – home video

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25 thoughts on “Sam VS Emma – home video

  1. extremophile

    It’s obvious that the dog is just playing, but sometimes the cat looks as if he’s really irritated with the dog. But in the other hand sometimes cats do look like somewhat as if they’re not playing when they’re very agitated when having fun. The most obvious difference is that they won’t make those “meow-howls” they do when they’re serious, or hiss much (if at all). Their fur gets all stiffed though.

  2. cortiam

    Lol i had a cat once, we lived up in the mountains and we let him run outside. One day i saw my small orange tabby chasing a wolf through the woods, no joke. Finally he got tired and came inside…we never let him out again XD

  3. Goose511th

    Aww, the dog looks like he’s happy to play with the kitten! I wonder if the cat thought they were playing, though..

  4. caramellokoala84

    looks like the dog was wanting to be chased cos’ he kept intiating it but then the cat can’t be bothered after a while and got pissed

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