Small Cat vs Large Dog very funny

Visit and GRAB A FREE COURSE ON TRAINING YOUR DOG! Learn all about housebreaking, obedience training, and correcting behavioral problems like barking, biting, jumping, chewing and digging. ============================================= Check out the SECOND PART OF THIS VIDEO – Please SUBSCRIBE! My cat Sam chasing my dog Emma – German Shepherd. Obviously playing. This video is some kind of remix – the original video was edited and sountrack was added. The original video is here – This was filmed in Almaty, Kazakhstan. UPDATE – The representative of Animal Planet(CATS 101) asked for a footage which was supplied later on. So you might be lucky to see this video on TV. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE COMMENTS! I will pass them to my pets as soon as I arrive home 🙂 PS I know the cat’s name – Semen sounds strange and funny for english speakers but actually its ordinary russian name for males.

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25 thoughts on “Small Cat vs Large Dog very funny

  1. brandonjlacy

    First off, the dog wasn’t fighting at all. Second, that dog could bite that cat in half. Why do cat owners always lash out with edited pics and movied to make it seem as if dogs are scared of them?

  2. brandonjlacy

    Oh yeah… that cat looks really intimidating being all 1/5 the dogs size and all…

  3. lethrneck4


    they dont, its the dog owners who have to watch dogs running away from cats in dam near every video of them on youtube..cats are insane,,dogs know this

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