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Select the Appropriate Bark Collar for your Dog

Dogs communicate with each other through barking. Though barking is quite normal for dogs and their owners, sometimes it becomes a nuisance, especially when dogs are barking too much, too loud or at inappropriate times. Here comes the Bark Collar to the rescue of harassed dog owners and their neighbors!

Before we discuss the benefits of bark collars, it is only fitting that we define what these devices are in the first place. Bark collars are specialized types of dog collars worn around the canine’s neck that keep these animals from barking excessively or inappropriately. Barking can be considered excessive or inappropriate depending on the type of neighborhood, the time of day, and the circumstances surrounding the behavior.

Electronic bark collars work through the principles of aversive training. When the dog starts to bark and will not stop within a certain period of time usually in 30 seconds, a beep followed by a mild electric shock is delivered from the collar to the dog’s skin. These stimuli induce unpleasant feelings to the dog to startle it to cease its barking behavior.

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From the above description alone, many benefits can be concluded from the use of the bark collar of which the most notable are the following:

• It can be used to train a dog in proper behavior especially at night when the neighborhood is peaceful and quiet since the people are fast asleep. You and your neighbors will no more be waking at odd hours by your dog barking at the moon.

• The electric shocks can be adjusted based on the training needs, discipline level and size of the dog. Higher settings are appropriate for dogs of large size like the Great Dane, which love to bark anytime with a loud voice, and lower settings are fitting to small sized dogs like the Yorkshire terrier, which barks just occasionally from boredom. When you first use the device you need to do some experiments and adjust the settings of the bark collar; start with the lowest settings and increase the level or intensity of the stimuli until your dog responds to this training technique by ceasing its barking.

• Most bark collars will have a method by which dog owners can be alerted to the presence of intruders in the house and its premises because of the dog’s barks. One popular method is when the collar automatically shuts off when the dog barks for at least 15 successive times in 30 seconds. You just need to set this function of the bark collar ON, and you will know that, if your dog continues barking, a really dangerous situation occurred.

• Bark collars are comfortable regardless of the size of the dog’s neck because of the adjustable collar. Leather is the most popular material used for these useful training devices.

If your dog loves to yip and yap at anything and everything, then the Bark Collar is the best product you can invest on to train it toward proper behavior

What Makes the Anti Bark Collar the Best Dog Training Solution

Many wonder whether all types of barking are bad; actually, dogs have to bark every now and then and that’s perfectly normal. Even so, it’s not fun listening to their barking all the time. When dogs bark too much or at inappropriate times, then it’s a problem. There are many anti bark options for your dog, but the Anti Bark Collar is probably the best solution you can choose.

The mechanism this device uses is extremely simple. The bark collar is made of a mic and a battery. The dog barking is registered by the mic and then a mild stimulus is applied to the dog whenever it barks. The two main types of pain-free stimuli are citronella (more specifically, oil from the plant) and ultrasonic sound. Dog owners came to the conclusion that the citronella spray is more efficient than the ultrasonic ones, because dogs can get used to the latter and ignore them.

Why should you consider using an anti bark collar instead of other methods? For those interested in a holistic approach of behavior control, such collars can be one of the best options available. This applies especially to the citrus collar, because the spray contains only natural substances, extracted from plants, Somehow, even the ultrasounds collars are holistic methods, as their sound is similar to a high pitched human voice. On the other hand, the collars with citronella are safe for both your dog and the insects around. For example, while a citronella-filled anti-bark collar can help to repel insects such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, it won’t actually hurt or kill the bugs. While you probably like fleas and ticks as much as Mondays, you might be opposed to pet products that actually kill them.

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One of the strongest advantages of these devices is that they’re humane. This is true especially when we talk about the citrus collars. As a dog owner, you’ll want any pet product that you choose to be as humane as possible. Dogs don’t like the citrus smell, but it won’t hurt them. When it comes to the ultrasound collars, they are also harmless, as the sounds cannot hurt the dog. Remember that one of the monikers for dogs is “Man’s best friend. Thus, your aim should be to find a training method that is safe for it. While it’s OK if a product gets your pet’s attention, look for ones that don’t cause your canine any pain.

Yet another benefit of an Anti Bark Collar is that it’s effective. Whenever you purchase an item, you should be interested whether it really works. Among all dog training devices, the anti back collar is really worth the price. It can help eliminate almost 90% of the unwanted dog barking. Of course, this isn’t to say that we should take an “anything goes” approach when choosing anti-bark collars. One of the criteria you must consider when making such a purchase is the efficiency of the product.

Because of the increasing offer in bark control devices, their price has dropped recently. Now you can buy really cheap bark control collars at affordable prices. Still, you can easily find anti-bark collars whose price tags are below $100 USD. That’s a plus in today’s sluggish global market.