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How can I reccommend adoption to my friend without her being offended?

My friend is having a baby, the father isnt in the picture, and her family is going through rough times. She decided to keep it, but now that I think about it adoption would be the best option for the baby. How can I tell her that? Its very hard because shes my best friend and I do want her to keep it but I know that would be selfish. She chose to bring a child into this world and I do not want to see him or her suffer. What do I do?
I need to add this for clarification. She has no money for this baby. Her mom is sick and cant work. Her family of 6 live in a 2 bedroom apartment. She is going to school and working part time, having to give all her money to help support her family (little brothers). Her family on one side is not supportive, and neither is the father of the baby or his family. And shes only 18. I helped her decide against abortion, but so many people want kids that cant have them. People with money to support themselves. Its a very hard situation. And I dnt appreciate the rude comments. I want whats best for her and the baby
So apparently, everyone here doesnt believe in adoption….what about abortion then? Im confused. My friend is in a pretty severe case where adoption would be neccessary as an option. People are so against abortion and killing a child but the baby will grow up with no dad and without the proper necessities for a child. How is that a better option?
And its not like she’s excited. Shes going to be bringing a baby into this world with not enough love that it needs from two parents. Its not an ideal situation.

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