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Dog Clipper for a poodle

What are the best dog clippers that may be used to groom your dog? This is a typical question that I’m asked when dog owners are looking at buying dog clippers from my store. Although you have descriptions of what each dog grooming clipper can do, you need to also describe the best dog clippers for a type of dog.

When reviewing the right dog grooming clippers you’ve got a choice on brand and price.

If you’re grooming your dogs hair once a month that indicates you will only use the clippers 12 times each year. So you do not have to get a high end dog clippers such as an andis dog clippers. For home usage you can use the wahl dog clippers brand.

The one question that I consistently get from dog owners is for a particular kind of dog. Wondering if you can guess what it is? Well there are 2 types.

It’s a Shihtzu or a poodle that are the most well liked dogs that are groomed at home. The best dog clippers for Shihtzu and poodle would be the wahl km2 or kmss dog clippers.

Always remember if grooming a poodle to make certain that the fur is brushed first so it is not knotted.

A dog will generally be nervous around new electrical equipment. I am sure you have seen a dog go crazy when a vacuum cleaner is switched on. It is for this reason that you want to ttake your time and not rush the process when grooming your dog. Allow you’re pet to become familiar with the sound of the motor and the vibrations it may feel. The good news with professional dog clippers the motors are generally soft and remain cool.

Always clean your dog clippers once they have been used this will help you keep them for a long time in the future.

Hope you managed to find the best dog clippers for your shihtzu. The wahl km2 dog clippers is a god brand for all home users. Author Mike Jones

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