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when should an dog agressive dog be put down?

Boxer lab mixed 3 years old has never bitten a human but has bitten the other older and smaller dogs in the home. Is not agreesive towards humans but is very aggressive toward other dogs and even tv animals
DEar replys first i am a very responsbile dog owner I have no intention of p[utting any naimal down unless it is the last resort! Training is ongoing with with dogs and she is not just ignored.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using An Electric Dog Training Collar

New technological developments of modern times are constantly changing our life – now we can enjoy the benefits of using such technological advancements as wireless internet connection, 3G mobile communication, microwave cooking and many other technological improvements. At the same time, to many of today’s dog owners the Electric Dog Training Collar is the kind of advancement they expected from modern technology.

Dog owners are aware about the nature of these devices, that is why this type of collar is commonly used to smoothen rough mannered or aggressive dogs. Those dog owners who are using such collars should not be considered cruel: actually, handling the dog with the help of an electric training collar can work very well in the situations, when the dog’s behavior is too dangerous for his own wellbeing.

Pluses and Minuses of Electric Dog Training Collar Usage

Like for all other things, there are the good and the bad about using an electric dog training collar. One of the advantages is receiving an opportunity to achieve a well-trained and obedient dog in few days. It is always good to be able to control your dog’s bad behaviors remotely, regardless of where you are. Also, modern electric collars work on static electricity, giving the opportunity to stimulate the dog without harming him.

As to the negative sides, some dog owners feel uncomfortable about using electric shocks to train and manage their pets. At that, even knowing so well that electric stimulation used in the collar is very low and harmless to the dog, it can be difficult for many dog lovers to make up their mind.

The electric signals used to stimulate the dog are really low and harmless. Certainly, some dogs may not react properly to electric stimulation coming from an Electric Dog Training Collar or simply respond better on other methods of training. After all, it’s up to the dog owner whether to use this type of collar for training the dog or not.

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