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The Myth Surrounding Pit Bull Adoption

Visit www.bumperfound.org The Bumper Foundation is a dog rescue and dog adoption, non profit organization based in Los Angeles. In addition to hosting dog adoption events every weekend in Los Angeles, the Bumper Foundation specializes in dog rescue, dog rehabilitation and dog adoption. We pre-screen every potential home before we allow our dogs to be adopted insuring the best possible home and circumstance. Some dogs are deemed un-adoptable; like Pitbulls, Boxers and Shephards. The Bumper Foundation finds homes for all dogs. We believe that all dogs deserve a “Forever Home”. Providing many services for the people and animals of Los Angeles including animal sheltering, Dog adoptions, dog rescue, foster care, disaster response, and animal information services. Pitbulls, Boxers and Shephards, Los Angeles, dog adoption, Los Angeles dog rescue, dog adoptions, dog cruelty, dog questions, dog education, dog shelters, pets, dog health, dog events, dogs, lost dog, veterinarian, dog training. Visit www.bumperfound.org

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