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Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

When we have time off, our pets receive a lot of extra attention, and when that goes away, it can cause behavior problems – like chewing and excessive barking. So, here are a few tips for helping your dog re-adjust, courtesy of Bark Busters: • Before you leave for the day, make a low growling sound. This may sound strange, but your dog will actually be relaxed by your voice. In the wild, the pack leader growls when they leave, which indicates theyll return soon. • Make sure your dog has its own shelter. This is about more than keeping your pet out of the rain. Having a crate, dog bed, or dog house is comforting to an animal – even when the weathers good. • Make sure they have things to do. Dogs love toys, but they get used to them quickly. Try using different ones for different days so your pet always has something new. If your dog spends time outside, scatter some food around the yard. Since dogs are natural foragers, looking for the treats will keep them occupied for hours. • Ignore your dog for a few minutes when you come home. Most dogs are so happy to see their owners that they lose control. That leads to unwanted behaviors like jumping, barking, and even playful nipping.To curb this behavior, wait until your dog settles down before you reward him with attention. You can find John Tesh at: facebook.com – twitter.com – twitter.com & of course his website, www.Tesh.com – IFYL

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Trying to Understand Cats

As humans we keep pets in our home because they evoke affection or curiosity and often are given a special status as companions for members of the family. Pet owners can contact veterinarians, ecological organizations, and universities for opinions about whether local conditions are suitable for outdoor cat’s .It is best that we try to keep your cat indoors.

The Obama Puppy Question- Stop the Euthanasia by Adoption

It was heartwarming to think that in the midst of this historic occassion President-elect Obama would outline his plan for the puppy for his daughters when they get to the White House. Interesting also that he talked of the specific requirements for the puppy given his daughter Malia’s allergies, and a preference for shelter dogs. A recent poll done by Petside.com showed that Malia’s allergies was the most important issue by 63.3%, while  a full 20.6% of the respondents thought the same as Obama in having a preference for a shelter dog.

This view should help the countless dogs that have been abandoned or lost and have come to be in a shelter.

According to a 1997 study of 1000 animal shelters across America,conducted by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, approximately one million dogs and 584,000 cats were taken in as strays. Unfortunately for the both the owners and animals only 16% of those dogs and 2% of the cats were returned to the owners. It is alarming that thousand of pets are euthanized because their owners cannot be found. For President elect Obama to indicate this preference it gives a voice to these dogs that may not be adopted. It also also signifies that more and more of the society is seeing adoption as one of the best ways to find that new family pet.

Hopefully a Microchipped shelter pet, with non allergenic qualities, will be the one to end up in the White House versus the dog house.