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Dog food industry the real truth Save your Pet

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Petango.com Find Your New Pets Now

A new website has appeared Petango which allows the user to look for pets that are available to be adopted.

To quote from their home page:

“Petango is a real-time searchable database of pets in need of loving homes. Petango’s mission is to support the adoption of homeless pets throughout North America by assisting animal welfare organizations in finding homes for these pets, as well as facilitate the thousands of families looking to welcome these pets into their homes each year. Through the creation of an advanced and easy to use website, Petango hopes to increase the number of adoptable pets finding homes and decrease the strain on animal welfare organizations currently housing these pets.”

This is a wonderful site that deserves your attention. Not only do they have t pets that are iooking for a home, but they have a Facebook Application that allows your friends to see your choices and vote on them also. You can find it here: Become a Petango Fan

Check their Twitter feed out at: petangopets