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Pet Halloween Costumes|Dog Costumes

Pet Halloween Costumes

are a big thing today. More and more pet parents without kids are buying dog halloween costumes and cat halloween costumes than ever before. Dog Costumes come in a wide variety and owners are taking the pets out trick or treating to their fellow dog owners houses and dog costume parties. Here are some funny dog costumes in the below video. Here are a few selected Dog Costumes for 2009:

It’s a Bird It’s a Plane : No It’s Superdog

Halloween is a good time for the little ones and the hobgoblins and jack-o-lanterns. Biut it might not be the best night for your pets to be out. For their safety and yours you should give your pets a night in. This good looking Labrador below is already in for his halloween party.
He is going to party at home this Halloween

He is going to party at home this Halloween

Because of all the commotion cats and dogs would enjoy their night in and the trick or treaters can enjoy theirs out for a bit of role reversal.