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Hamster Heaven- Design Changes for Living

If you have had children or grandchildren you will always remember the phase where the kids must have one of these fury little creatures as their pet. Hamsters are often a child’s first pet, and hopefully lesson in responsibility.

I came across a new product that looks to replace the metal cages the furry litle guys live in with some new designs. I found this verbiage on the site operated by Rolf Hagen Co,. ,one of North America’s largest makers and distributors of pet products.

The purpose of this innovation was to replicate the hamster’s natural habitat as well as creating entertaining areas where the pet could climb and explore as it would in nature. Habitrail OVO’s team of engineers studied every detail of a hamster’s life and designed housing and accessories to increase your pet’s quality of life, while at the same time providing an enjoyable and easy to maintain user-friendly product. The Habitrail OVO set-ups, add-ons and trails were designed specifically to enable many possibilities for your hamster to express and enjoy itself such as with the Habitrail OVO Tower or feel safe in a cozy place like the Habitrail OVO Den.

In the wild hamsters live alone making homes underground, they normally have one small living area and many passage-ways. The small living space gives the hamster a sense of security, which is part of its natural behavior in the wild. As hamsters do not live in wide-open spaces, our team focused on having small tunnels and living habitats to increase feelings of security and natural behavior.

The new Habitrail OVO concept allows for more interaction between an owner and their hamster, while at the same time providing habitats that are closer in replicating the hamsters’ living conditions in the wild.

The site at Habitrail’s Home Page gives you a great deal of information about this latest housing design for the hamster. It is entertaining for kids of all ages.