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Therapy-dog hopefuls get tryout at Mennonite Home

Six therapy-dog hopefuls were put through their paces earlier this month at Mennonite Home in Lancaster County PA. The hounds and their handlers were “auditioning” for PALS with Pets, a new program of Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield launched recently in Lancaster County. View article at articles.lancasteronline.com

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Homeward Bound II (2): Lost in San Francisco – Where Are You

Last of Disney’s Incredible Journey trilogy. All of the Incredible Journey films have amazing animal work in them and this one in particular brings a diverse pack of dogs to the screen with incredible training. Besides the golden retriever and American bulldog, there is a kuvasz, boxer, bullmastiff, bluetick coonhound, Podengo Portugueso medio (the same breed that’s in Soccer Dog and Zeus and Roxanne), Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, and others, as well as many mixed breeds. Again, I’ve had a few people ask me about doing different Homeward Bound vids and I’m putting up three, one music video for each of the films, to celebrate 100 subscribers. Hope you all enjoy them! Song is; Where Are You Going, by Dave Matthews Band I do not own any rights to Disney or to this song. This is a purely fan-made video, not for profit and with no rights implied.

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