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Therapy-dog hopefuls get tryout at Mennonite Home

Six therapy-dog hopefuls were put through their paces earlier this month at Mennonite Home in Lancaster County PA. The hounds and their handlers were “auditioning” for PALS with Pets, a new program of Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield launched recently in Lancaster County. View article at articles.lancasteronline.com

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Homeward Bound II (2): Lost in San Francisco – Where Are You

Last of Disney’s Incredible Journey trilogy. All of the Incredible Journey films have amazing animal work in them and this one in particular brings a diverse pack of dogs to the screen with incredible training. Besides the golden retriever and American bulldog, there is a kuvasz, boxer, bullmastiff, bluetick coonhound, Podengo Portugueso medio (the same breed that’s in Soccer Dog and Zeus and Roxanne), Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, and others, as well as many mixed breeds. Again, I’ve had a few people ask me about doing different Homeward Bound vids and I’m putting up three, one music video for each of the films, to celebrate 100 subscribers. Hope you all enjoy them! Song is; Where Are You Going, by Dave Matthews Band I do not own any rights to Disney or to this song. This is a purely fan-made video, not for profit and with no rights implied.

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Dog Training Franchise Information

www.sitmeanssit.com Tired of sitting in an office, doing something you don’t like, or wondering whether you will have your job tommorrow? Have you been thinking of good business ideas? There are a lot of business opportunities to consider in this day and age. Home based business opportuniti…

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Should I Have Dog Health Insurance?

A dog owner without dog health insurance can struggle with unexpected veterinary care costs due to unexpected illness or injury from accidents. Some dog health insurance policies have coverage for routine veterinary care like vaccinations and annual exams.

A dog owner looking for information about pet health insurance can find several pet insurance companies websites by doing a search on a search engine. The websites usually provide specific information on what the different dog health insurance plans cover and their monthly costs. Many pet health insurance companies offer free quotes and help dog owners select the best dog insurance plan.

The dog owner may want a dog insurance policy to cover all veterinary costs including routine checkups. However, pet insurance policies with total coverage can have high monthly premiums. Many dog owners choose dog insurance policies to only cover unexpected veterinary costs that could arise from illness or accidents so that they will have a minimal monthly premium.

The dogs age can affect the dog owners choice for a dog insurance policy. Some dog insurance companies have special insurance plans that cover more costs associated with dogs of advanced age.

Veterinary care can be very expensive. Treatments for cancer, car accident, and hip dysplasia are examples of veterinary costs that can be thousands of dollars.

Some dog health insurance policies can fail to provide coverage for some dog health conditions. If a dog acquires a disease or develops a health problem for which treatment is not covered, the dog owner may still end up with significant veterinary bills.

If dog owners cannot provide necessary veterinary care to treat their dogs illness or injury, the dog owner could be held responsible by local authorities and possibly face charges for animal cruelty or animal neglect. Having dog health insurance helps ensure that neither the dog nor the dog owner will suffer the consequences for a lack of veterinary care.

Some dog health insurance policies have a component that pays for accidental death like dog life insurance. Dog health insurance policies may pay for boarding or other dog ownership expenses.

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What To Look For In A Dog Training Video

Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a camera and computer nowadays? You can shoot a video, post it in the World Wide Web, and have a few hundred thousand people access it within the end of the day. Many people seem to share this sentiment and have taken it upon themselves to shoot and star with their pet in one of those dog training videos. One asks oneself, with all these wannabe producers, how do you weed out the average from the best?

Among the things you look for, the very basic is for the video to be watchable. You cannot discount the sound and visual qualities that make up the video. Other than that, it must possess focus and organization. This will give the video the all important point of view that must be successfully communicated to the viewers. Topics that do not tie in to the title presented should be avoided at all costs.

Who is the face of the video? We have seen celebrities endorse products that sell because of the sheer force of their star power. For things that require a specific field of expertise though, credibility is the number one qualification. In this case, certified trainers usually lend their face and personality to the dog training videos. People want to get expert opinion and insider tips from those who would know best. Joe Smith may be a cool, successful pet owner who trains; but without the weight of authenticity a professional career gives, it won’t be as well-received and trusted.

A successful dog training DVD being sold in the market usually have a good deal attached to it. A $20 instructional video will be less likely purchased than a $40 DVD, with a book (valued at $xx) and a starter kit (valued at $xx) thrown in for ‘free’ during a certain period of time. Of course, this will not guarantee the quality of the core product itself. However, the more value given to customers, the better the calculable appreciation the sellers are probably going to get.

Good products are marketed well. Sure there is this wonderful canine instructional video out, but if nobody knows about it who will buy it? Endorsements and recommendations from industry experts like vets, national animal organizations and certified colleagues will create a huge buzz within certain circles that will ripple out into public consciousness. Besides that, co-branding and tie-ups with strategic companies are great corporate strategies that get some awareness on a really good product.

In connection to the previous paragraph, marketing should be properly transitioned to well-planned distribution channels. Reliable and reputable specialty dog sites that have stocks of the video for selling implies that it is a superb product.

And of course, the most faithful index of a great dog training video is the overwhelming response it gets from dog owners. People love a good deal and will tell their friends all about it. Anyone can take a video; but it takes special care and sincere efforts in creating one made for other owners’ needs in mind. If you ever come across one that is often sold out and talked about a lot, buy it now- it is money well spent.

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