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Litter Box Cleaning For Cats

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Virtually everybody, adults and kids alike have a natural fondness for cats. They’re loving, quiet, and very playful pets that can give you years of entertainment. Although most of us have a passion for cats, that fondness can rapidly diminish when it comes to the litter box. Even the most hardened cat lover could get tired of litter box duty, especially when it comes down to scooping “you know what” from the litter box.

Cats are very clever, instinctively figuring out how they need to use the litter box. After the cat has finished using the litter box, someone in the family might want to scoop the waste from the litter box. This could be a very dirty and somewhat smelly job, one that is typically neglected through the day when the workload gets heavy. Cleaning up the litter box doesn’t take but a few minutes, though most would favor not to do it at all. Although the litter box will need to be scooped out every day, it will additionally need to be changed once a week as well, by throwing the current bag out and changing the box with a brand new bag and fresh litter.

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Those who don’t like to scoop out the litter box should put money into one of the best inventions ever – the self cleaning litter box. These litter boxes are easy to use, and will keep the area clean. After the cat has used it, the self cleaning litter box will automatically clean the litter either by sifting or using a tool that resembles a rake.

Self cleaning boxes that use shifting will typically have a round design. Once the cat leaves the covered box, the dome on top will revolve for the box to clean. The litter in the box will be shifted with the waste being put under the litter where it is discarded. Once the waste is properly disposed of, the litter will be returned to its normal position in the box for the cat to use again.

Containers that have raking systems will typically sport a rectangular design. Once the cat leaves the box, the rake will automatically come out and clean the litter. The rake will clean all the litter in the box, together with the clumps of waste as well. Rakes are common, though the shifting litter boxes are by much more popular and more common.

Those who are sometimes away from home could enormously benefit from a self cleaning litter box. They’re great to have for cats that spend a lot of time by themselves, as they virtually eliminate any scooping of litter on your part. You’ll find them at your local pet or department store, even online as well. They’re very reasonably priced – and perfect for anyone who doesn’t like scooping waste from their litter box.

Cat Care: Kitten Litter Box Training Is a Top Priority for New Cat Owners

www.purina.com http Litter box training your kitten is an important step in raising your cat. Learn how to teach kittens good litter box habits that will help ensure a lifetime of good health for your kitten. The Kitten Connection features Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist and Purina Cat Chow Mentor Dr. Karen Sueda. Learn more about pets on The Purina Network www.youtube.com/thepurinanetwork and www.petcentric.com (v/o) The Kitten Connection featuring Dr. Karen Sueda brought to you by Purina Kitten Chow. (Karen) Hi! Im veterinarian and Purina Cat Chow Mentor Doctor Karen Sueda. Whether youre in the process of selecting a kitten or just welcomed one home, a top priority for nearly everyone is litter box training. But dont worry, litter box training is usually a breeze. Instinct will guide your kitten to develop good litter box habits, but there are some key things you can do to help. Many small kittens find the high walls of full-size litter boxes intimidating. You may want to start with a shorter box and work your way up. Location and privacy are key. Place the litter box in a quiet, out of the way location away from her food and water. Show your kitten where the litter box is, placing her inside and letting her explore. But remember to give her a little space when she digs and takes care of business and then when shes finished, you can calmly praise her. Its very important to develop a cleaning routine. Scoop the litter box daily and change the litter often at least

What is the BEST way to teach a kitten to use the litterbox?

I have always wanted a kitten and finally got one a few days ago. He is almost 9 weeks old. His owner said he was a rescue, that she had found him and his siblings in the garbage in a park at just 2 weeks old! He has been an absolute joy so far. But I’m a little confused about his use of the litter box.

His previous owner said that he was trained. But the first time he had to go, he did it behind an end-table in our house. I have since blocked the end table and other places so he can’t go behind it. He is very determined and still can get in there sometimes, and then I have to reinforce the barriers. Anyway, after that one time, he seemed to get how to use his litterbox. When he was upstairs last night, where he likes to sleep, he went on the carpet. I realize we may need a 2nd box upstairs. But now he was downstairs and just went behind the TV and did it. I am locking him in the bathroom overnight with his box and food, but I’ve heard this can make him agressive.What’s the best way?

What should I do about my four to five week old kittens litterbox?

We found four kittens at my mother’s photography studio and we now have them at home. We’ve loved on them and played with them for about three days now and they’re already used to us. We bought them a carrier, a litter box, and we’re giving them softened food. But, should I put the litterbox in with them? What if they step in it, then they’re water? Will it be contaminated? And if they happened to swallow some of it, will it hurt them? I love these kittens and would hate to see them get hurt by something I could easily prevent.

How can I get both of my cats to use the litterbox?

Our first cat Catie will only urinate and poop in the litter box if there is a hood on it( we recently discovered this after adding the hood) normally she would urinate in it but poop on the floor inches from the actual box. Luckily we keep the litter box in the bathroom so its easy to clean up the poop but is still a pain to do on a daily basis. However our other younger cat Sadie who urinated and pooped in the litterbox 100% of the time won’t go near the litter box if the hood is attatched instead she chose our carpet and bed as her toliet! My main concern is I do not want our 11 month old daughter crawling into the bathroom and playing in their poop she is a great crawler and with her determination will be walking in no time. Please Help!