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My Website Link — www.Free-Maltese-Puppies.com — I love you! Maltese Puppies – Dog – Meet Sophie, a cute, adorable, happy little girl puppy. Pure Bred Maltese. This is a video I made a few days after I brought her home….Pure bred Maltese dog puppy cute adorable loveable canine little Maltese critter. These dogs are easy to train and do tricks. This pure bred is a sweet little teacup puppies. Training is very easy. Maltese Puppies Maltese Puppy Maltese Dog Maltese Dogs Maltese Dog Breed | Maltese Puppy | Maltese Dog | Maltese Fur Ball

Homeward Bound II (2): Lost in San Francisco – Where Are You

Last of Disney’s Incredible Journey trilogy. All of the Incredible Journey films have amazing animal work in them and this one in particular brings a diverse pack of dogs to the screen with incredible training. Besides the golden retriever and American bulldog, there is a kuvasz, boxer, bullmastiff, bluetick coonhound, Podengo Portugueso medio (the same breed that’s in Soccer Dog and Zeus and Roxanne), Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, and others, as well as many mixed breeds. Again, I’ve had a few people ask me about doing different Homeward Bound vids and I’m putting up three, one music video for each of the films, to celebrate 100 subscribers. Hope you all enjoy them! Song is; Where Are You Going, by Dave Matthews Band I do not own any rights to Disney or to this song. This is a purely fan-made video, not for profit and with no rights implied.

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Ian Dunbar: Dog-friendly dog training

www.ted.com Speaking at the 2007 EG conference, trainer Ian Dunbar asks us to see the world through the eyes of our beloved dogs. By knowing our pets’ perspective, we can build their love and trust. It’s a message that resonates well beyond the animal world.

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How can I reccommend adoption to my friend without her being offended?

My friend is having a baby, the father isnt in the picture, and her family is going through rough times. She decided to keep it, but now that I think about it adoption would be the best option for the baby. How can I tell her that? Its very hard because shes my best friend and I do want her to keep it but I know that would be selfish. She chose to bring a child into this world and I do not want to see him or her suffer. What do I do?
I need to add this for clarification. She has no money for this baby. Her mom is sick and cant work. Her family of 6 live in a 2 bedroom apartment. She is going to school and working part time, having to give all her money to help support her family (little brothers). Her family on one side is not supportive, and neither is the father of the baby or his family. And shes only 18. I helped her decide against abortion, but so many people want kids that cant have them. People with money to support themselves. Its a very hard situation. And I dnt appreciate the rude comments. I want whats best for her and the baby
So apparently, everyone here doesnt believe in adoption….what about abortion then? Im confused. My friend is in a pretty severe case where adoption would be neccessary as an option. People are so against abortion and killing a child but the baby will grow up with no dad and without the proper necessities for a child. How is that a better option?
And its not like she’s excited. Shes going to be bringing a baby into this world with not enough love that it needs from two parents. Its not an ideal situation.

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Cat behavior?

I have a rescued kitty. He’s six months old and is getting fixed in the next week or two. This cat is the sweetest thing to me and my little boy, and most of the time to my husband. When my husband sleeps the cat cuddles up to him and most of the time will let my husband pet and love on him, but other times he stractchs and bites. This weekend he latched on and had to be pried off my husband’s leg. I have two cats (both rescues) the other cat is female and fixed and does do this. I’ve never had a cat do this. What could be causing behavior???

Husband is going to get the bite looked at today at the doctor.
Cat is going to the vet and getting checked out and fixed.
This cat literally had to be pried off my husbands leg, drew blood. His teeth were totally in the calf of the leg
He was letting the cat down. The kitten was not socialized when I got him (at about 12-16 weeks)
Only does this to my husband, bo one else
Husband’s leg is healing well. Had slight infection but gone now. I talked to a cat rescue who deals with all types of cat problems and they told me that it sounded like a territorial thing. The cat sees me as his. Please keep answering if you have any other ideas to why though or how to break the cat of this.

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