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My mom ENCOURAGES my dog to be playfully agressive with my cats! What should i do?

I have a golden retriever and 2 five month old cats. My golden retriever is a sweet and gentle dog and does not intentionally try to hurt anybody, and is gentle with my cats, but sometimes she gets really playful and jumpy around them. She runs around in circles, barks, pounces right near them, chases them (only a bit) and snaps the air around them.

She is not trying to be agressive, but I am afraid that this type of play around them is NOT acceptable and may lead to worse behavior. Also, it makes my cats scared of my dog when we are trying to make their relationship better.
So the main problem is that my mom actually encourages this behavior! She claps her hands and gets all excited and praises my dog when she is doing this because she thinks its cute for her to play with them. My thought is that dogs shouldnt play with cats because this can lead to worse problems and can be dangerous.

Also i told my mom, what if she accidentily bites the cats? My mom said, "oh, she has ….
…….a gentle bite, so its ok" or
"oh, why are you so hard on her? the cats play bite her all the time! shes just playing!"
When i try to tell her that its different between cats and dogs and its not acceptable, she just brushes it off and ignores me.
I cant STAND it because i know im right and that one day my dog could accidentily hurt my cat. My mom WONT listen to me and thinks im just overreacting! what should i do?????

How long should it take for a kitty to use the litterbox and eat food?

We got a new kitty last night from a friend of my mom, and she said the cat used to eat a lot and was litterbox trained. She wont touch the food and wont go in the litterbox. She is only 5 months old and is used to being around cats, so i think she may need to feel comfortable around the family, but i want another opinion. any help is appreciated.

How often should a cat's litterbox be cleaned?

I arfue with my mom over how she takes care of her cat. She scoops the litterbox about twice a week. She never actually empties and washes the litterbox only adds more litter when it starts to get low. I think this is disgusting. I think she should scoop daily, and completely change/wash out litterbox once a week. What do you cat owners out there do?

Anyone have any suggestions about keeping a cockatiel and a semi agressive dog in the same house?

I have a bedroom I could keep the bird in, but I don’t know how heat sensitive cockatiels are. Would the cockatiel be alright with a fan blowing if the doors and windows are shut?
This dog is very sneaky. I don’t want to have to worry about my bird’s safety when I’m not home. I could open a window, but my mom has this thing about burglaries-even though we live in a very ‘burb neighborhood.
My dog is very well trained, and I’m starting to believe that he’d really be more curious than mean to a bird. He’s just strong and large, which means that curiosity could hurt the bird during that introduction period. I also don’t want him to think the bird’s a threat.

But the bird will be in a high place, and my parents and I have talked about turning my door into one of those ones where the top can be open and the bottom closed so the room doesn’t become horribly hot.

Thanks for the help!

How do you teach a kitten to use the litterbox?

I have a 6 week old kitten whose mom was an outside cat. She didn’t use a litterbox so the kitten was not able to learn this process from her. How do i teach it?

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