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Tracking Down Unique Female Dog Names

The problem with trying to find female dog names is not so much where to find them, but which one to choose. There are great ideas everywhere.

Don’t believe me? Okay then, here are some ideas to get you started…

But first let’s narrow the field down a bit first. Let’s talk about your dog. Describe her to me. What’s her color, size, and personality? Is she a Great Dane or a Chihuahua?

All of these factors will, of course, influence the name you choose. You want a name that works, right?

Right, let’s be a bit counter intuitive and come up with some tough girl dog names. When people think girl dogs, they generally think of cute, fluffy, lap dogs, with names to match, but what if you have a female Rottie or Doberman?

Good tough names girl include; Mayday, a female baddie from the James Bond movies, Xena, warrior princess from the TV series, and Sabbath, after the legendary Heavy Metal band, Black Sabbath.

Let’s offset that with some of the cute and cuddly names we mentioned earlier, like Bambo, Chiquita, Dixie, Flea, Google, Hootie, Iggy, Kylie, Lexie, Margo, Newbie, Pinky, Punkin, Squidoo, Sonic, Titch, Yoda, and Ziggy. As you can see there is definitely no shortfall in the cute female dog names department.

But let’s say you’re after something a little different, something truly unique. Abraxsas, Io, or Quarterflash do it for you? No? Then how about Isis, Nonotchka or Souixsie?You see there are female dog names to suit just about any dog. All you have to do is think of something that you (or your dog) is interested in and the ideas literally drop into your lap.

Is your dog a fashion hound?…Gucci, Dolce, Prada. Like music?…Joplin, Joan Jett, Latoya. Movies?…Hepburn, Garbo, Harlow. Television?…How about Oprah, Murphy (Brown) or Ally (McBeal)?

See how easy it is to come up with a great dog name? Need some more inspiration? No problem! What about first ladies?…Martha (Washington), Dolley (Madison), Pat (Nixon). How about royalty?…Diana, Lilibet, Maud.

You could even famous your dog in honor of a great female historical figure. Maybe Golda (Meir), Isadora (Duncan), or Agatha (Christie).

See how easy it is? Now that you know the drill pick a subject you’re interested in, then write down as many names as you can think of (use Wikipedia if you must). Now narrow that down to your favorites and pick the one that really suits your dog to a tee.

Or you could save yourself the trouble and head on over to Puppy names HQ, where we have thousands of great female dog names just waiting on your approval.

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