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Is there anything, other than putting them down, that you can do with an agressive dog?

We love him and don’t want to put him down, but he’s getting aggressive and mean with strangers.
He’s a german shepherd mix and has always been protective of us but now he’s starting to attack neighbors. He bit our neighbor yesterday when she entered our yard. He didn’t break the skin but it scared us (not to mention her) to death.
I wish we knew someone who wanted/could take him but we don’t. We’ve had him for six years.
He has been castrated.
Is there really a time when you know that they can’t be helped? We’ve tried all the techniques the vet has given us. We’ve even bought the cesar millan video.

How do you confront a neighbor with an agressive dog?

There is suppose to be a leash law in my town, but the town has a population of about 200 people and no police department. The next biggest town has an animal control officer, but they will not come to our town unless it is a rabid animal or someone has been attacked. My son came back from the bus stop this morning and was in tears saying that a dog was growling at him and trying to bite him. I stopped getting ready for work and walked with him down the road. It was a big Bulldog type dog and it was slowly circling us and growling the whole time. I just made sure that neither of us made any sudden moves. I am trying to find out who the dog belongs too, and when I do I want to confront them about this dog. Since there is a leash law they are not suppose to let their dog roam free, but with no animal control I feel like the dog would actually have to bite someone before the local sheriffs department would do anything. How do I confront the owner when I find them?
Here is the problem with our mayor and city councel: We have had issues in this small town with aggressive animals, and have contacted the mayor, who happens to go to our church. They say they can’t do anything, because there is no animal control or police department in our town. The local sheriffs department won’t do anything either, as they say the animal has to actually injure someone. Stupid, I know. They have told me that if a stray dog or a dog owned by a neighbor gets in my yard, then I have the right to defend myself, my family and property, but just not to get caught firing a gun in town. Ignorant in my opinion, but since I and other neighbors have talked to them in the past numerous times about different "vicious" dogs, we know this is their stand on this issue.

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