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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using An Electric Dog Training Collar

New technological developments of modern times are constantly changing our life – now we can enjoy the benefits of using such technological advancements as wireless internet connection, 3G mobile communication, microwave cooking and many other technological improvements. At the same time, to many of today’s dog owners the Electric Dog Training Collar is the kind of advancement they expected from modern technology.

Dog owners are aware about the nature of these devices, that is why this type of collar is commonly used to smoothen rough mannered or aggressive dogs. Those dog owners who are using such collars should not be considered cruel: actually, handling the dog with the help of an electric training collar can work very well in the situations, when the dog’s behavior is too dangerous for his own wellbeing.

Pluses and Minuses of Electric Dog Training Collar Usage

Like for all other things, there are the good and the bad about using an electric dog training collar. One of the advantages is receiving an opportunity to achieve a well-trained and obedient dog in few days. It is always good to be able to control your dog’s bad behaviors remotely, regardless of where you are. Also, modern electric collars work on static electricity, giving the opportunity to stimulate the dog without harming him.

As to the negative sides, some dog owners feel uncomfortable about using electric shocks to train and manage their pets. At that, even knowing so well that electric stimulation used in the collar is very low and harmless to the dog, it can be difficult for many dog lovers to make up their mind.

The electric signals used to stimulate the dog are really low and harmless. Certainly, some dogs may not react properly to electric stimulation coming from an Electric Dog Training Collar or simply respond better on other methods of training. After all, it’s up to the dog owner whether to use this type of collar for training the dog or not.

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One Way to Help Dogs Live More Years

Have you owned a dog for a few years now? Then you are probably quite used to taking care of it. You feed and water it daily and groom them whenever they need it. Are you wondering what you can do to insure that your dog will live longer though? Here is a method that is helping dogs to live longer.

Make sure to be careful on what your are feeding to your dog. Their food should be carefully paid attention to, so that you are providing all their nutritional needs to them. It has been recommended for a long time not to feed table scraps to dogs. This is because it can make them gain weight.

The food that is specially made for dogs try to control the amount of fats that the dog would consume. There are various categories for the dog food which are adults, puppies, and dogs of the senior ages. Each category is made to help the dog in their development, at the age they are at.

Make sure that you put out water every day for your dog. Similar to humans, they need to be hydrated too. So be certain that your dog’s water bowl is refreshed when necessary, or purchase the type of water bowl that has a container that feeds water to the bowl automatically.

Groom and brush your dog as much as is called for as far as what breed it is. Your dog usually can be brushed everyday and then give the dog a bath maybe twice a month unless the dog requires it more often. Some get dirtier than others because they are outside a lot more. The dog having a nice, shiny coat shows how healthy they are.

Make sure your dog is getting enough doily exercise; you have a variety of activities to do with your dog that will provide the exercise. If you walk for your exercise just take your dog with you, he or she will love it. Fetching things like balls, sticks, or a Frisbee will do too; many times the dogs will run gleefully to retrieve these items. Swimming is another activity that a dog can do with you for exercise, whether it is a lake or a pool. There are various types of competitions that are regularly held for dogs to be put through their paces doing different tasks. There is now what is called dog parks, which are where dogs play with different dogs.

Make sure to take your dog to the vet for their annual checkup. A dog needs specific vaccines to prevent them from getting certain diseases as in rabies. You also need to make sure their teeth and ears are in good shape too. Without their teeth a dog has a hard time getting their nourishment. Their ears can get infected if they are not cared for properly. The vet helps you know how to take care of the special needs of your dog.

Love your dog along with following this guide and you will see that your dog lives much longer. With the dog being such a part of the family, it would be quite hurtful for you to lose it, so give it the right kind of care. This way the family can enjoy your dog for a nice, long time.

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Brazilian Mastiff

Brazilian mastiffs are large dogs, male and female both. The males stand upwards of thirty inches at the shoulder and weigh more than 100 pounds, while the females are usually just a few inches shorter and tend to top out at 90 pounds. They have soft, short fur and their necks are very thick. They resemble bloodhounds in the face and their coat color comes in various hues and might range through yellow, brindle, reddish tan, and black. They are quite a lovely dog to look at!

This breed has the ability and the bone structure to run fast and to attack if they feel it is necessary. They are known for their bravery and their value as a watchdog due to their alertness is quite impressive. With good training, though, they can be as loving with children as they are fierce with strangers.

There are several qualities of the Brazilian Mastiff. Well be looking at both of the breeds, you see the hunting instinct from the Bloodhound. Add that with the guarding instinct of the Mastiff. There are well known for looking out for cattle. They seem to be a great well rounded dog. They were also trained to attack and then waiting on their master. Some were able to even keep wild jaguars away from cattle.

Another one of their unique tasks were to track down slaves that had run away. The word ‘Fila’ means ‘to hold’ in Portuguese. Along with their great hunting and holding skills, the Brazilian Mastiff can even run extremely fast and are able to gallop to the fullest.

The Brazilian Mastiff is not too keen to strangers. They do not like people that they don’t know. That could be good in some ways; on the other hand it is not so good if they are around people on a regular basis. They do undergo character testing to make sure that they remain self-confident and also to see if they would attack without being instructed to. That is one characteristic that may shun you from purchasing a Brazilian Mastiff. They are even cautious during dog shows and the judges are advised not to touch the dog, even though that is necessary for judging.

Despite the way they are with strangers, the Brazilian Mastiff is extremely gentle and loving towards his own family. He is also very protective and extremely loyal to his master. Keep in mind that the Brazilian Mastiff will attack strangers. It is their natural instinct to attack when they feel threatened or cannot trust the one who is unfamiliar to them.

If you are thinking about adopting a Brazilian mastiff puppy, there are many things that you are going to need to keep in mind. Start by going to the dog shows and finding out about good breeders. If at all possible, go to their homes and check out what kind of environment they foster. Do their dogs seem healthy and happy and are there any questions that you would like them to answer? Take a look around for someone who can answer all the questions that you have about the breed, and take a look online for reviews.

The Brazilian mastiff is quite adorable, with its blocky shape, its droopy long ears and its soft floppy lips. Always be careful when approaching an animal that you do not know well, and remember that the breed’s reputation as a guard animal is well earned. Despite this, you’ll soon see that with the right training, he can be amazingly sweet with the family in his care.

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Steps To Buying a Dwarf Hamster

Need a pet in the house, but you’re not allowed to buy a cat or dog? Why not look into a dwarf hamster? They are small and easy to take care of. Unless you get them a huge cage they will not take up much room either.

However, it would be best not to get a dwarf hamster from a pet store, but from a breeder. You can find some some out there; look online in your area. They won’t always be selling their pets, but you can possibly run into one that is.

People who sell hamsters to a pet store won’t take the same interest in making sure that the animal is high quality. It will be healthy in most cases, but you can never tell how it will act around children though either.

Breeders usually enter their hamsters into shows, this means they will take special steps in assuring the health of the baby dwarf hamsters. Plus in most cases a breeder will take much better care of the animal than pet stores.

So when you head out to find a pet, look to see if you can first find a breeder who has had an unexpected pregnancy in his dwarf hamsters. This will be a great way to get a pet that you should have very little problems with.

Or you can look into a rescue shelter, where they place abandoned animals. They have hamsters in some cases there too. With these animals you will know that they have been checked out completely. When they bring in an animal they will look it over to see its health condition and correct it if there are any problems. Plus this will be a great way to help out with an animal that has been badly treated in the past.

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Training Your African Grey Parrot

One of the most beautiful and among the easier species of parrot to keep is the African Grey Parrot. Originating from central Africa, they are highly intelligent and known for their exceptional talking and cognitive ability. African Greys are capable of developing a large vocabulary and may be able to communicate well with their owners.

The African Grey Parrot comes in mainly 2 subspecies. The main difference between the Congo and Timneh subspecies is their size and color. Normally both the Congo and Timneh African Grey parrots are considered to be medium in size. The Timneh Gray Parrot is known to be smaller in size, but fuller in feather thickness. Their body feather color ranges from medium to an almost dark charcoal gray, and their tail feathers are usually dark maroon red. The Congo Grey Parrot is usually larger in length and heavier in weight, but with thinner feathers. Lighter gray feathers and a bright red tail, further differentiate the Congo from the Timneh. And the final main difference between the two subspecies is the color of their beak, also known as the mandible. The top of the Timneh Gray Parrot’s mandible is a bone or cream color, while the Congo Gray Parrot’s mandible is almost all black.

When considering the purchase of an African Grey Parrot as a pet, it is important to be aware of its background. Knowing whether it comes from the wild or comes from a breeder is essential. The African Grey Parrot will be easier to train and handle if purchased from a reputable breeder that has integrated hand feeding or hand rearing. Hand rearing is the feeding the baby African Grey Parrot from birth to 10-12 weeks of age while handling them. This will ensure that the African Grey bonds with their human owners and are completely tame. This will give the parrot an easy start to mimic and speech training.

These parrots also need an owner who can make a long term commitment to them. African Greys have a long lifespan and can live up to 60 years. Because of their high intelligence, African Greys require an owner that is experienced and who can understand their needs. They can easily become bored so, a stimulating and interactive environment is a must. Without their intellectual needs met African Greys might turn their boredom into behavioral problems like feather picking. Since they are such sensitive birds they can also behavioral problems. It’s possible that even a small change in their daily routine or in their surroundings can lead an African Grey parrot to become cranky or show signs of self mutilation. Although they are typically well behaved and a great pet these birds do not come without a few challenges. African Greys that are undisciplined can get into trouble. They might chew wires or bite. They pick up behaviors very quickly so if you inadvertently reinforce bad habits in your African Grey, you can also easily teach them good ones.

African Grey parrots are full of personality and human like qualities. Those who are lucky enough to own one are able to see intelligence not equaled in many other animals.

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