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Will I make my dog agressive if u use a shock collar?

I have a 75 pound pit mix. He is fully trained, except for when we got for walks. He gets excited (happy/wants to play) when he sees other dogs and doesn’t respond to my corrections. He usually pulls me very hard, and could pull me into oncoming traffic if he wanted to. If the person walking their dog sees me and my huge dog pulling they usually get very scared due to his appearance. This sometimes results in screaming and hysterical behavior on the other person’s part. He also wants to eat little animals so walking him at night can result in an encounter with a skunk or raccoon. I try to hold strong and keep him in heel position, but he gets into the red zone so fast that I lose complete control. I want to use a shock collar to get him to listen to me during walks. Will he become aggressive in the future due to me using the shock collar to keep him under control? Is it cruel and unusal to use this type of collar under any circumstance?