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Small Cat vs Large Dog very funny

Visit www.TrainPetDog.com and GRAB A FREE COURSE ON TRAINING YOUR DOG! Learn all about housebreaking, obedience training, and correcting behavioral problems like barking, biting, jumping, chewing and digging. ============================================= Check out the SECOND PART OF THIS VIDEO – www.youtube.com Please SUBSCRIBE! My cat Sam chasing my dog Emma – German Shepherd. Obviously playing. This video is some kind of remix – the original video was edited and sountrack was added. The original video is here – www.youtube.com This was filmed in Almaty, Kazakhstan. UPDATE – The representative of Animal Planet(CATS 101) asked for a footage which was supplied later on. So you might be lucky to see this video on TV. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE COMMENTS! I will pass them to my pets as soon as I arrive home 🙂 PS I know the cat’s name – Semen sounds strange and funny for english speakers but actually its ordinary russian name for males.

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