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I want to adopt a dog that is a mix between German Sheperd and Husky are this dogs agressive?

i have seen this dog and he is very playful but i just want to know are they really energetic? im a little afraid of agressive but i dont think he is
Im trying to make my dad adopt this dog from the spca and i want to know if its agressive because of its mix and maybe know how much it costs for a medium size dog to be adopted?

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Dog Murderer ??

I received an email yesterday from one of my favorite vets, Dr. Andrew Jones in Nelson, B.C.   He goes on “

Yesterday was one of those crazy, emotional draining days.

And it ended with a very uncomfortable situation-
a pet was apprehended by the SPCA.

He was critically ill.

The owner refused to have him euthanized.

He was suffering, and it was not acceptable to have
him die in pain  “on his own”.

The owner didn’t agree-

I was called a dog murderer.


I have been called MANY things before- but in 15 years
this is a first.

This is one of the problems veterinarians see every day in their practice and Andrew is an exemplary practitioner as well as the founder and sponsor of a”no-kill” animal shelter in Nelson.

He is the author of Veterinary Secrets Revealed and a number of excellent multimedia products aimed at helping you with your new pets.

I encourage you to go to the site that he runs Dr. Andrew Jones- Veterinary Secrets Revealed and subscribe to his newsletter. It will give you a lot of valuable information in caring for you pet.