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Purina® Kitten Chow® Launches Webisodes on Kitten Cat Care L

Purina® Kitten Chow® Launches Webisodes on Kitten Cat Care Litter Box Training Dr. Karen Sueda Hosts The Kitten Connection™ Video Series That Provides Kitten Owners With Tips For Raising Healthy, Happy Kittens. Kittens are only kittens for a year, but this short time is the most significant stage of a cat’s development. It’s important for kitten owners to recognize how impressionable kittens are and arm themselves with tools and expert advice to ensure they give their kittens the best start in life. As part of its continuous commitment to sharing professional and practical knowledge with cat owners, Purina Kitten Chow is launching a video series featuring Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist, Dr. Karen Sueda that will be posted on kittenchow.com. The series, titled The Kitten Connection, is designed to quickly and easily show new – and even experienced – kitten owners tips, tricks, and advice that allow them to make the most out of the lives they share with their kittens. “Kitten ownership can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, so it’s worth it to prepare ahead of time for every aspect of kitten care,” said Dr. Sueda. “The Kitten Connection recognizes the importance of helping kitten owners raise a well-adjusted kitten because it eventually leads to a healthy, happy and well-mannered adult cat.” The Kitten Connection™ consists of 13 informative webisodes that cover many aspects of kitten care. Each video is full of easy steps to help owners enrich their

How To Housebreak a Dog

Watch this video for a demonstration of “How To Housebreak a Dog”. Tocomplete the task, you will need: Lots of patience Newspapers White vinegar Get started with the first step: Choose one area, such as a back bedroom or the bathroom, and lay down three layers of newspapers on the floor. This will become your dog’s “potty place” in the house. During the times that no one is at home, keep your pet confined to the potty place. For the complete guide, go to www.howcast.com Also check out Howcast for other do it yourself videos from mvazqu and more videos in the Housebreaking and Training Dogs category. How can you contribute? Create your own DIY guide at www.howcast.com or apply to the Howcast Emerging Filmmakers Program at www.howcast.com

Shelter Dogs: You Can Make a Difference

krazykaine.wordpress.com I created this video to raise awareness about the growing number of dogs in pounds, shelter and rescues across the United States. “Four million cats and dogs—about one every eight seconds—are put down in US shelters each year. Often these animals are the offspring of cherished family pets. Spay/neuter is a proven way to reduce pet overpopulation, ensuring that every pet has a family to love them.” –Humane Society.org Dogs are being surrendered to pounds at an alarming rate. Dogs are being abandoned for trivial reasons such as house soiling, chewing, barking or moving. The arrival of a new baby or the misconception that dogs behave “just like the dogs from the movies” adds to the number of dogs surrendered to pounds each year. The dogs are the ones who ultimately suffer at the hand of human ignorance and irresponsibleness. Too often certain individuals fail to realize that they are the ones who brought the dog into their home. The dog didn’t choose to come live in their house. You can make a difference: Adopt Volunteer Donate Foster Rescue Spay/Neuter your pets Don’t settle for anything less than reputable breeding Support and spread positive dog training methods Special thanks to Josh Woodward for the songs, “Private Hurricane,” “Afterglow,” and On Brevity.”

The Tunnel Command in Dog Training : Mastering the Tunnel Technique in Dog Training

Get creative at home to practice the tunnel command with a dog. Learn about mastering the tunnel command in dog training with this free pet obedience video on agility and competition.Expert: Dustin Daniels Contact: www.DoggieStepsDogTraining.com Bio: Mark Siebel owns DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training, and teaches agility basics and dog tricks. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

The Basics of Dog Training : Dog Training: Sit in Different Places

Dogs don’t always obey commands in strange locations. Practice having your dog sit in different places with help from a professionaldog trainer in this free dog training video. Expert: Donna Bainter Contact: www.SPCATampaBay.org Bio: Donna Bainter has been a feline and canine behavior trainer since 2000. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz