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Is there anything, other than putting them down, that you can do with an agressive dog?

We love him and don’t want to put him down, but he’s getting aggressive and mean with strangers.
He’s a german shepherd mix and has always been protective of us but now he’s starting to attack neighbors. He bit our neighbor yesterday when she entered our yard. He didn’t break the skin but it scared us (not to mention her) to death.
I wish we knew someone who wanted/could take him but we don’t. We’ve had him for six years.
He has been castrated.
Is there really a time when you know that they can’t be helped? We’ve tried all the techniques the vet has given us. We’ve even bought the cesar millan video.

Pets Around The Bay featuring Marin Humane Society’s Pen Pals of San Quentin program

In this episode join us as we learn about the Pen Pals of San Quentin program. The Marin Humane Society brings dogs in need of medical or behavioral rehabilitation to San Quentin State Prison, where they spend time with selected inmates. The inmates have been taught how to socialize and train the dogs to prepare them to be adopted into a permanent home. In addition, we will also have our weekly training tip with Dr. Ian Dunbar and a visit to our resident vet, Dr. Erin Troy.

Whatr the options for a dog that bites BESIDES euthanesia, preferably a sanctuary or home for agressive dogs?

he’s a 5 yr old portuguese water dog. he started biting people in the last year or so…we have tried everything, medication/obedience training/specialists but he still sometimes snaps at people (usually joggers and bikers) when we’re on walks and the vet has told us we’re out of options and he has to be put down…i was wondering if anybody knows about sanctuaries or homes for agressive dogs, preferably in the bay area so my family and i can visit.

Dog health?

I took my dog to the vet like 2 weeks ago for a vaccine (rabies). Yesterday I felt a small mass just before his knee. Could this be caused by the vaccine or should I be worried?. I know I have to take him to the vet. I just need to save some money. The mass is soft and it does not causes him any pain. What could it be?

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