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Discover Dogs (Dog Show) – Part One

Discover Dogs is an annual show held at Earls Court,London. The most popular attraction is of course, the dogs and the Kennel Club showcases nearly 190 pedigree dog breeds at this event. With each example of the breed, visitors can meet experienced and knowledgeable owners who provide essential advice on dog training, dog health, what to look for in a pedigree puppy and what to ask a dog breeder.

Training Weimaraner Puppies – The Right Mindset You Need to Train Your Weimaraner Dog

Without clear, firm leadership, Weimaraners will often become strong willed and difficult to train. They like to know what is expected of them at all times. Early socialization and training are required to ensure that the Weimaraner will get along well with other dogs and be a obedient companion. Once integrated into the family, a Weimaraner will be a lifelong protector and friend.