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The Very Lively and Sweet-Natured Brittany Spaniel

A liver and white Brittany
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The Brittany Spaniel is of Brittany France origins and is recognized as one of the world’s supreme gun dogs. It first appeared in the 19th century and was officially recognized in 1938. Originally used as a working dog, the Brittany Spaniel of today is short of many tasks but is still an avid hunter at heart.

The Brittany Spaniel possesses an athletic, well- rounded and solidly built body. This kind of build is very suitable for its active lifestyle for it is neither too light nor too heavy for its size. This breed has a rounded skull and almond shaped eyes that project a gaze of intelligence, vigor and curiosity.

Its legs are long and lean, perfect for perpetually running and chasing around the acreage of its surroundings. When it walks, it is always in a manner of flexible, long and free strides. As often seen, the Brittany Spaniel always has a short tail and this may sometimes come naturally or docked since Brittanies born with long tails undergo docking.

The two recognized varieties of the Brittany Spaniel are the French Brittany Spaniel and the American Brittany. The latter only accepts dogs with orange, white or liver markings while other combinations outside of these are considered disqualifications. The French variety, however, accepts all kinds of colors, even black.

The term spaniel for this breed has been the topic of many arguments because some experts say that this breed is actually of the pointer or setter type. However, the Brittany Spaniel looks like a spaniel although it does not flush out games just like any other spaniel breed would do. In the US, this breed is only called the American Brittany because the term spaniel has been fervently discouraged.

The Brittany is an excellent dog for hunting, highly trainable, sensitive and sweet. It is very active and mostly wants to run sprightly and vigorously in the open. Because of this, it is always best to allow this pet to be spirited in a wide fenced area everyday, at one time with a leash and the other without.

There are some instances that a Brittany is obnoxiously wild and irrepressible but this can only be blamed to the owner’s improper training and raising of the breed. Brittanies that arent well-exposed tend to become shy and fearful of strangers. But if they are well socialized and well treated, they grow up smart, sociable and sweet.

Brittanies, in order to have a well-guided disposition, needs to receive an ample amount of attention and love from the master lest they become destructive and ill-behaved. They are best fitted in a wide-spaced house, a wide yard and a well-conditioned and damp surrounding. Of all the breeds in the dog sporting world, the Brittany is the only one with the highest number of winnings in the American dual championships.

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Get Rid Of Cat Fleas In Your Home With 3 Simple Steps

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I was horrified and disgusted at the fact my house had been overrun with fleas, but I found some helpful info, and this product.

So have you noticed your beloved pet scratching more than normal the last few days, and now you have an itch that seems to be spreading to all parts of your body? Has it come to your attention that you may have a flea infestation in your home?

Flea infestations arise in many homes. Pet owners are always worried about the pets being overrun with fleas, but many people don’t know that fleas are not just on pets. People can carry them too. So your flea infestation could have been started with one of the human family members in the house. Either way, what I came across will eliminate fleas no matter what the source is, but before we go into that let’s begin with a little information.

What are the signs of a flea infestation?

1. Itchy Pet

Your dog or cat itching more than usual is a good sign. However, your pet my just have irritated or dry skin.

2. Small Red Bumps

Pay attention to your ankles. Because one of the most common place for fleas is the carpet they get to your ankles first. So look for little red bumps there that will typically go away in a few days. If your children are on the floor they may have these bumps all over.

How do you get rid of fleas in your home?

Well, first you have to know that you must take a few hours to get this process done, because you have to rid the house, the yard, and the pets at the same time or the fleas will just come back again.

(1) Flea Free Pets

* Comb Out Pets – Get a flea comb and comb out all the fleas from their fur.

* Flea Powder ” Put flea powder all over pet’s fur. This kills fleas, flea eggs, and even larvae.

(2) Flea Free Home

* Take a antibacterial cleaner and clean the surfaces of your home. Make sure you get the counters, cabinets, tables, and floors. Fleas enjoy humid areas so clean the basement and garage floors too.

* Vacuum every inch of the house. Get out the attachment and clean the corners of the rooms. Fleas love to hide here.

* Now, sprinkle flea powder into the carpet.

* The final thing to do for the inside of your home is to wash all bedding and couch surfaces. Then take that flea powder and put it on to your bedding and couch.

(3) Flea Free Yard

* Get the flea powder and put it on your lawn.

* Do this at the end of every spring to prevent any fleas from multiplying.

Important Note: Don’t start any of this process before reading all the warnings and labels on the product you are using. Most products are toxic and can harm you, your pets, or your children. Most products are also harmful on gardens and toxic to people if spread on food gardens and consumed by you, or anyone else.

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How to Keep Your Dog Motivated

Dogs doing what they do best.
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Keeping the attention of your dog during training is not always easy. Dogs are easily distracted, and it is important to not allow the dog training sessions to be sabotaged by boredom. Making dog training fun for the dog and the human alike is vital to creating a happy, well adjusted and well trained dog.

Providing random positive stimuli during the day is a great way to keep the interest of your dog. Doing things the dog enjoys, like walking in the park, riding in the car, and playing with other dogs, are great ways to keep the dog’s attention, but you must reward him for small successes.

For instance, in order to reward the dog for coming to you when you call him, ask the dog to come to you, without giving any clues about a walk, a car ride, or other treats.

After your dog has come to you and obediently sat down, attach the leash and start the reward. This can be either the afore-mentioned walk in the park, ride in the car, or anything else the dog likes to do.

Providing some kind of reward, whether a treat, a special outing, or just a scratch behind the ears, every time the dog does something you want, is a great method to keep your dog motivated while you are dog training.

If the dog knows something great is going to occur every time he follows your commands, he will be more motivated to do want you tell him every time.

Distraction training.

When training any dog, it is vital to not allow distractions spoil the training. The dog must be trained to ignore distractions, such as other people, other dogs, other animals and loud noises, and concentrate on what is being taught These types of distractions can also be used as rewards when training the dog to come when called.

For example, if your dog enjoys playing with other dogs, whether in a local dog park or with the neighbour’s dogs, let him play freely with those other dogs. Then go into the park or garden and call your dog.

When he comes to you, provide lots of praise, treats and other rewards, then immediately let the dog to go back to playing with his friends. Repeat this several times and praise the dog each time he comes over to you.

The dog will quickly learn that coming to you means good things (treats and praise) and not bad ones (being removed from the park).

This so-called distraction training is one of the hardest things for your dog to learn, because dogs are social animals by nature, and breaking away from the pack is one of the hardest things you can ask your dog to do. Most dogs will be understandably unwilling to leave their doggy companions, but it is vital to persist in dog training.

Training your dog to come to you when you call can require some thought on your part at first. For instance, waving a favourite toy, or a lure, is a good way to get your dog’s attention and put the focus back on you. If your dog has been clicker trained, a quick click can be a good motivator too, when training your dog.

Once your dog begins to become used to coming when called, you can begin to reduce and then stop the visual cues and focus on making the dog respond to just your voice. It is important that your dog obeys voice commands alone, as you will not always have a toy or lure to hand.

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