Taking Care Of Cats

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These days, cats are among the most popular pets you may own. There are a number of breeds available, with the preferred being Persian and Siamese. Cats are a domesticated animal, with origins dating back some eight,000 years and beyond. Like every other pet that you may own, like dogs, cats cost cash to care for properly.

When you get a cat, you’ll need to consider the costs. You’ll obviously need food, and also you’ll need to plan ahead for vet costs. You’ll additionally need litter, which may tend to get fairly expensive as the years go by. Your cat will need a litter box, food dish, and water dish. You must also put money into some toys as well, like a scratching post, cat toys, a pet carrier, and a bed. You must also look into getting an ID collar as well, just in case your cat ever gets lost.

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Feeding your pet will depend a great deal on his age. Older cats require 2 small meals or one large meal for the day. Kittens then again, require a number of feedings a day until they get around the age of 12 weeks. Cats that are between three and six months of age should be fed thrice a day. Canned food may be fed to cats, although any food that has been left out longer than half-hour should be disposed of. Canned food can get expensive fast, and you need to at all times keep in mind that some may should be thrown away when you buy it. Cats love canned food, although it doesn’t have any benefits to their dental health like dry food does.

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As an alternative plan, you may at all times leave a supply of dry food out for your pet. When you give your cat dry food, you need to at all times grantee that he has enough water. Dry food costs less than canned food, and it might additionally help to forestall the buildup of tartar on your cat’s teeth. When you buy dry food, you need to at all times look in terms of health and benefits, and avoid generic food. Though generic food may be cheaper, it might not offer the nutrients your pet needs.

For those who own a kitten, you need to solely give your kitten food designed for him. You’ll additionally need to clean and refill his water dish each day. Though kittens and adult cats like cow’s milk, you need to avoid giving it to them as it can cause diarrhea. Treats are fine occasionally, although too many of them could cause your pet to get fat. Feeding your kitten human food is good occasionally, although you’ll have to mix it in with his cat food.

By themselves, cats stay fairly clean. Though you don’t have to wash them that always, you’ll need to offer them a brushing at the very least once a day. Brushing will scale back the chance of hairballs and hold your cat’s coat nice and clean. If you’re keeping your cat indoors, you’ll need to have a litter box in an area that is easy for your cat to access. You should at all times scoop it on a daily basis, and clear it out once a week. Cats don’t like to use soiled litter containers, they like for it to be nice and clean.

Though cats do require some work, they are nice pets that will give you years and years of companionship. So long as you deal greatly with your cat and take him to the vet for his checkups, he should stay healthy. Though cats can get sick occasionally – understanding how to care for him will make a world of difference.

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