The most prevalent behavioral problems of your dog

It’s the undeniable fact that even the most knowledgeable dog owner will at some point be challenged with dog behavior problems. It just can’t be helped. Fortunately, it is possible to fix each and every issue that your pet has. Here is the list of the most typical issues found in your dog friend.

1. Chewing

One thing you need to realize is that dogs need to chew. I doubt that you will be capable of finding a dog that doesn’t chew. Chewing is essential for dogs to maintain their dental health, and is vitally important when a puppy teething. It will become a problem when your dog chews inappropriate things and makes your house a mess. The most effective technique is to supply him with toys/stuff that he can chew and make it clear to him that the remainder of other items in the house are restricted.

2. Barking

Barking, similar to chewing, is just another common thing that dogs do. Barking is the way dogs speak and show their emotions. If your dog bark for relevant reason like he’s lonesome or hungry, a stranger approaching him or something isn’t right, you shouldn’t stop him. However, barking for no particular reason can become annoying, especially when he’s trying to bully you into playing a fetch game or something. In this case, a “quiet” command is an effective way to go.

3. Jumping

It’s not nice to have a big, furry dog jumping on you unexpectedly. Imagine that if your dog leaps on guests or kids, it’s even worse. And bear in mid that your dog is capable of inflicting bruises and scratches on you or anyone else that he jumps on. Thus, “off” and “no jump” commands will come in handy and every owner should learn these (except if you own a smaller dog or toy dog, you might even expect him to jump). That’s the quick solution for jumping, but learning to stop it at all times is more useful for the long term. If you allow your dog to jump a few times, he will likely to repeat without your permission. You see, dogs can’t identify the difference of circumstances.

4. Aggression

Dogs are aggressive creature by nature. It’s needed in the wild to hunt, to defend themselves, and to survive. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with dog aggression. The best thing one can do is prevention. When prevention is not possible for whatever reason, you can still can fix aggression through socialization and/or establishing dominance over your dog.
The number 1 cause for aggression in dogs is the lack of socialization, a process of letting the dog explore different things and environment. Through socialization your dog will learn that new things are fun and not scary. This process will lessen the aggression of your dog towards guests and new people like the mail man or pizza delivery boy. Establish dominance, on the other hand, is to show your dog that you are the pack leader, and he must follow what you say. In a pack (your family is a pack to your dog), the lower ranking dog does not dare to disobey or show aggression towards the leader.

5. Digging

One of most annoying dog unwanted behavior is digging. It can turn your beautiful garden into moonscape! Like anything else, to fix a problem you need to understand its cause. The likely cause of digging is because your dog has too much excessive energy due to lack of exercise, and digging is a form of his entertainment. The solution is simple, keep your dog exercise a daily thing. Dogs hate to be confined, so it’s a good practice to confine him when you catch him digging. That’s a good way to tell him that digging is not acceptable and he will learn not to do it again.

Dog training is an important part of developing a healthy relationship between you and your pet. You can easily search for more pet dog training advice on the Net to help you in your dog training journey.

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