When you speak of ADOPTION REFORM what exactly are you referring to?

There are often questions on here, like right now, that address "Adoption Reform". When that question is raised usually everyone is all in favor.

I have found that it often means different things to different people, much like ADOPTION itself is not one thing, but various processes, legal and otherwise, that all tend to get lumped together under the single heading of ADOPTION.

While there are things about adoption I am in complete agreement need reform, I would be interested in knowing what adoption reform means to different people.

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One thought on “When you speak of ADOPTION REFORM what exactly are you referring to?

  1. kitta

    I find the entire concept of North American adoption /childwelfare industry to be fundamentally flawed.

    It was based in the utopian society movements of the 19th century, and the Progressive era, when ‘forward thinkers’ were trying to find ways to improve society.

    The family is the basic unit for replenishing society.

    Shape the family, and shape society.

    Adoption has re-defined how many people think of families, with government "help."

    Adoption of children was based on the idea that environment shaped and molded the child, who was a blank slate at birth. The falsified birth certificate and the laws reflected the "as if born to" concept of this flawed concept.

    Subsequent ‘reform" attempts have done little to improve this situation.

    ETA: I should say: the child was "seen’" as a blank slate at birth in the blank slate theory

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