Yorkie Training: Bringing Dog Into A Home With Cats

Even if cats and dogs commonly appear as archenemy in movies, tv shows, books and magazines, it’s still possible for a yorkshire terrier to thrive peacefully with other animals like cats provided that he gets the proper yorkie training he needs.

Cats and dogs are the most typical household pets together with birds and fishes. But how can these two often-conflicting four-legged pets live peacefully with the two-legged pack leader? The following are some tips you need to understand:

  • Get to know the qualities of each individual pet. Is your cat territorial? Is the dog you are going to bring home an aggressive or a submissive one? By being familiar with them, you’ll be able to learn the possible approaches to introduce them to each other without triggering disaster.
  • To introduce, take them on the opposite sides of a closed door or baby gate. If that is not possible and you can only introduce them in one area, better keep your yorkie on leash or in the dog crate. The primary objective of this is to let them check or sniff each other out without scaring or harming each other hence making their first encounter an enjoyable experience.
  • With calming and encouraging tone of voice, gradually move them closer to each other. However, refrain from moving closer if the cat displays any sign of apprehension or fear or if your yorkie seems excited. Move only when both pets are calm.
  • Give reward, whether treat or praise, for every calm and acceptable behavior. This is to let them understand, especially your dog, that they receive good things for behaving well when the other pet is around.
  • The process may take days before you can finally see that they’re at ease with each other’s presence so be patient.

Making dogs and cats live together peacefully needs a lot of|lots of patience, planning and supervision. Right yorkie training, more particularly the basic obedience can further help you create a better home for you along with your cat and dog.

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